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Murze Summer Film Festival


Submissions are now open for the Murze Summer Film Festival


This celebration of film will take place across our website throughout July and August. The Murze homepage and our social media platforms will be filled with changing film from a wide variety of artists and filmmakers over the two month period. We will be accepting submissions of all themes and topic, with a focus on inspirational and challenging pieces exploring the edge of film.


This is an open call for both current and emerging artists and filmmakers, the work will be juried after the submission deadline (30th June) based on the ability to engage and captivate an audience, through the quality of film and subject matter.


Artist and Film-maker Charlotte Prodger won the 2018 Turner Prize with her film, ‘Bridget’, created entirely on an iPhone. This demonstrates a shift in the arts, the fact a piece created on a phone has not only been considered for one of the most prestigious art awards in the world but also won the award, is an indication both of the quality in progressed technology and the ability for anyone to be able to pick up a device and get creating.


The advancement of smartphone technology and the diminishing price means there is no limitation on who can produce film today, so with this open call for the Summer Film Festival we encourage individuals of all backgrounds and skills to create and share their work with us and our audience.


Non refundable admission fee of £10

Maximum runtime of 30 minutes

The deadline to submit work is the 30th June 2019

Filmmakers can expect to be contacted by the 10th July latest, regarding their submission

Throughout July and August we will be hosting a range of short films across our website and social media, focusing on a variety of themes and topics.

Your film must not be in breach of any copyright

For more information and to enter head to our website -

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The Murze Team
Eyvind Earle
Kacie Mills
Tomas Clayton
Crazy pink machine to turn fruit into jam. Lino style illustration.
Karen Ann Myers
Lara Fox-Whitehead
Kerry O'Sullivan

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