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The first thought when you see this painting may be that its beautiful or pretty, this represents brides in India and how majority of the focus on wedding day is making everything look decorated and pretty. The background is red because its the colour of weddings in India and also represents love which will be overshadowed by the reality and darkness ( black colour) of life that lies ahead. The faceless bride represents how even though she is the main "attraction" of the day, you cannot put her face on anything ,as everything is arranged for her and all the major decisions have been taken for her by her family and now will be taken by her family to be. Even though I have given her a mouth the lips are sealed shut holding everything inside her, even her opinions and thoughts. The wringing hands represent the helplessness of leaving everything behind and giving in the rituals and customs that represent her submissive and prepare her to be subservient. A lot of detail has been put in on the shoulders and around because she will leave her home and family forever with a heavy heart and the burden of expectations from both the families to stand upto their idea of the perfect woman, daughter, daughter in law. Rope like design on her arms depicts how she is tied down by the duties that she has to fulfil to prove herself. Tied by the customs and ideals that expect her to be with her husband and family all the time instead of working and making a name for herself. The negative space with black marks around her "forbidden area" represents how she has to stay chaste and pure for her husband and how the world has tried to corrupt her but she has managed to save herself for her husband. Making her the Perfect Bride.
Leandro Klapputh
Dina Haddadin
johny willemyns
Augusto Giovanetti
Jedi Silva

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