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Vent surround

Tabard sq, London, vent surround in galvanised steel, 3.5m high
gateway in painted and galvanised steel 3.5m high
sculpture for East Grinstead mainline station in steel
steel sculpture
Tabard sq, London, one part of seven, sculptural commission inc gates and vent surrounds

Andrew Webb is a designer, artist and maker with 20 years of specialist experience using steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminium, corten, cast concrete and glass. 
His work is often concerned with sculptural forms and celebrates the qualities of the material. 

Projects range from large-scale public art pieces to site-specific commissions. 

Sculpture fabrication for artists, and bespoke solutions 
for architects, developers and domestic clients. 

Also bespoke fire pits

Catherine Pain
Eugenia Loli
Juan Travieso
Wacław Wantuch
Andrew Tyler
Alec Huxley

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