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HAND in rotation


"HAND in rotation" on Issuu: https://issuu.com/kathleengiordano2/docs/hand_in_rotation_right_order_versio

Browse Artspace's Flatfile: https://artspacenewhaven.org/flatfiles/

Commissioned by Artspace New Haven.  Zine-style curation featured as the May 2017 Digital Flatfile Curation for Artspace New Haven during internship.  The goal was to direct and compell people to explore the gallery's flatfile.  Featured Artists include Kevin Van Aelst, Jason Asselin, Cynthia Back, Claudia Cron, Phyllis Crowley, Amy Pryor, Alyse Rosner, and Tyler Starr.  All displayed works were, at one point, displayed in the artists' flatfile entries.

Mockups from MOCKUPSDESIGN (http://mockups-design.com).

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