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We spend our lives chasing our thoughts and projections. Even when the “mind” is talked about, it is only thoughts and emotions that are referred to; and when researchers study what they imagine to be the mind, they look only at its projections. Few look into the mind itself, the ground from which all these expressions arise
My work is about investigating the mind through visual images. None of us can escape the habit of projecting thoughts and concepts onto reality itself.  But through awareness of our deeply ingrained conceptual biases we can open new windows onto our mind.
Our hyperactive conceptual mind creates collages of thoughts and patterns, as in a dream. It tells an unrelated, illusory story: a mental collage of dependent parts creating the illusion of a whole, seamless image. But our stories and images are not solid or continuous; between each fragment and each moment, there is a gap, no matter how minute or transitory. I’ve chosen to work with collage precisely because this medium helps convey this notion that nothing is solid, secure or independently existing. Even the self, that entity we so closely identify as “me,” is an aggregate, a collage of thoughts, emotions, hopes and fears that constitute our inner life.
By contrast, when mind is immersed in uncontrolled emotions and errant beliefs, we cannot see clearly, as though we were trying to peer through a dirty window. This contemplative approach to my work involves visually describing these obscuring veils drawing upon both my personal experience and my experience of meditation practice. Collage points to that silent moment, that emptiness between seeing and conceptualizing, between pure perception and our mind’s projecting onto reality and to inviting these obscurations as guests with their inherent colors and textures.


Who worked on this project?: 
Hildy Maze
Leigh Ellexson
breathe in
Rachel Sommer
Michał Konrad
Meghan Volpe
Output to Another Reality, artist Nina Petrovna Valetova
Nina Tokhtaman Valetova

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