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The I In Infra-Thin

"Hold Me."
"Give Me An Ear, I'll Give You A Voice."
"Ackee: The Sweet And Deadly."

The I In Infra-thin is an on-going body of work, that explores both the physicality and psychology of human connection between artist and subjects as strangers. Exposure of the skin, philosophical ideas of phenomenology, and social identities are highlighted through the use of personal narratives in the photographic image. The connection is presented as a nonnative physical phenomenon - which attempts to name the hybrid identity of American born citizens to immagrant families living in the U.S.

Note: 30 x 40 in. Vintage Gallery Prints, of each, are available for sale via artist's website.

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Raquel Oliveira
Michelle Hold
Petra Stefankova
Verginiya Yancheva
Elisabeth Ajtay
Holly Albright
Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria

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