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"Inside the Angel", a drawing installation, 2018


Antonia Guerrero, Drawing Installation “Inside the Angel”, 2018, Three paper panels, drawings in charcoal, collage, acrylic paint measuring 68" x 32" each and plexiglass cube, 10" x 10" with painting, acrylic on canvas board, 8" x 8".

Inspired by the poet Rainer Maria Rilke’s references to Angels in the Duino Elegies.

 “…But if the archangel now, perilous, from behind the stars

took even one step down toward us:  our own heart, beating

higher and higher, would beat us to death.  Who are you?”


The installation was part of a group show “Lost Horizons” curated by Antony Dodd at the PS 109 Artspace Gallery, New York City: 

“Based on one of Heidegger's later essays titled, "Conversation on a Country Path About Thinking". Parallel horizons follows Heidegger's idea that artists find their concepts for art out in a vague distance and then brings them into the physical world. However this distance, or horizon, is individual and can parallel other artist’s vision. The horizon is the blurred distance, when the sun is highest in the sky. It is where shapes may or may not be what you first interpret them to be. Only when you get closer do they take shape, and develop a meaning. The horizon is always there in the distance and in the place where you stand is also horizon for someone at a distance from you, hence parallel horizons.”


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