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The Myth of the Androgynous

George Mc Fly 142 x 92 cm. Acrylic over fabric with floral design, 2016
Haquirl-Aliwen 190 x 142 cm. Acrylic over fabric with floral design, 2016
Lauren 195,5 x 141 cm.  Acrylic over fabric with floral design, 2015
Lucas Broadhurst 137 x 91 cm. Acrylic over tablecloth, 2014
Pichi II 137 x 99 cm, Acrylic over tablecloth, 2016

The Androgynous Series is based on the book The Banquet by Plato, in which Aristophanes tells the story of the first human beings that occupied the earth, called androgynes. These beings were of both sexes in the same body and they were described by the philosopher as practically perfect humans that wanted to rebel against the gods. The gods, feeling their power and divinity threatened, decided to separate each androgynous body into two and to separate the sex organs into "male and "female" thus diminishing their power. The gods recognized that the strength and perfection of the androgynes lied in their balance of masculinity and femininity. 

Modern society, however, discriminates against those individuals whose gender or sexual orientation differ from the classic definitions of man and woman. Despite some progression toward increased tolerance of non-traditional identities, people who live outside of the limits of the male-female binary face cynicism, discrimination, and even violence. Society in this case plays the role of the gods in Aristophanes' story, working to maintain the gender binary and thus diminish people's power as individuals, individuals with the liberty to think and the right to live outside of traditional gender criteria.   

The people that appear in my paintings are real life friends and family who, in my opinion, represent a perfection similar to that of the first humans described in Plato's book. These are people who represent a balance in their masculinity and femininity and who take a critical stance when it comes to the rules of society in general.

My intention in this work is to demonstrate that we live in a world where the terms man and woman are obsolete and what really matters are individuals. Every person has the right to make their own identity and create their place in this world, and the world is becomes a better place when people do just that.

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Kathleen Lyon
Koichi Fujii
David Stuart-Snell
Janet Echelman
Tadao Cern
Luis Dourado

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