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The Pearl of Africa


Most of the East African countries gained independence from their former colonizing powers around 1960, which could suggest that their citizens have enjoyed freedom and economic prosperity ever since. Sadly, history has proven otherwise, as this region is still one of the poorest in the world and has been the area of decade-long civil wars, ethnic cleansing, military coups and various armed conflicts. 


The countries Uganda, Sudan, Congo, Rwanda and Somalia have become synonymous with refugees, famine, child soldiers, HIV-deaths, warlords and corruption, while also being the symbols of rich wildlife, vast savannahs with lions, lush rain forests with gorillas, and the source of some of the most sought-after natural resources on the planet. 


I have arrived to the region in the middle of January and have spent most of the time in Northern Uganda on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. During the stay here I got to know a lot of people and visited many remote villages, was invited to people’s homes and spent about a month with underprivileged youth and refugees making a lot of friends and contacts for future field work in South Sudan and Rwanda.

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