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Sanctity -Tony Corocher's Photographic Series Beauty in Hell

Copyright held by artist Tony Corocher

© Tony Corocher Western beauty in Nairobi’s hell

Some are braver than others, more resilient, and we can only hope these tiny children are just this. It takes a great deal of strength to go to these places, and tell the stories of those who somehow have fallen off the map of humanity’s consciousness. Tony Corocher, a Treviso born Italian photographer is one such individual. How did this all begin? The artist began his studies and career in the UK, and worked for some time in graphic design. During the economic downturn Tony decided to pursue photography, traveling all over the world, a move that would mean great artistic and personal growth and the production of the award-winning series Beauty in Hell, a journalistic and artistic group of photos of telling the story of African people in Kenya and Nairobi. It was 2012,when the artist first visited the Kenyan Catholic missions, and the slums of Nairobi.

Resilience, sadness and sense of determination characterizes Tony’s work, heart breaking unflinching the photographs depict great suffering, injustice, and deprivation, often written across the faces of the most vulnerable. If one considers that the momentary exposure to these images carves out a space in your heart, it seems that there must be a considerable price to be paid to endure bearing witness for a long period of time.


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