Rachel Anne Farquharson | Director, BIG IDEAS Education Program, Vancouver Biennale | Vancouver | Art Jobs
Country: Canada
City: Vancouver
Industry: Creative Direction
Professional Title: Director, BIG IDEAS Education Program, Vancouver Biennale
Specialties: Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCad, Anatomy for dancers

- About -

As the Director of The Vancouver Biennale’s Educational Program, I have led, managed, and collaborated with partners, school board administrators, teachers, local and international artists, and schools. I am an advocate for cross-disciplinary, experientially grounded learning. This stewardship has included monitoring and expanding the online toolkit as necessary and forging new partnership with educators across a spectrum of disciplines: From Maths, Sciences and Language Arts to Studio Practice, Public Art Installation, and Dance. I bring to my role knowledge of pedagogy for young minds that supports online, digitally-based understanding of art’s relationship to public and physical spaces while still incorporating essential hands-on activities with local artists.