Raphaël BATTOIA | Le capricieux photographe | Brie Comte Robert | Art Jobs
Country: France
City: Brie Comte Robert
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Le capricieux photographe

- About -

I am an autodidact and I never took any class. I have learned photography by practicing it with passion. Since 15 years and with the arrival of the digital, I went from photography to artistic creation using my own photographs.I met with people from the artistic field who became friends : Valérie Perrier-Sarrazin, art teacher and critic ; Micheline Leberre, graduate of the Beaux-Arts of Paris, drawer and artist-painter and Edith Poinsot-Lardy, artist's agent. They encouraged me to exhibit my work. I followed their advice and I exhibited my creations at the Oberkampf gallery in 2013. The positive feedbacks of the visitors reinforced my choice to continue in that direction. At the end of 2016, I invented the "Carrocatures", which propose a digital and modern version of caricature. After several exhibitions and the feedbacks of visitors, I am convinced of the originality of my work and I'm trying to make it known abroad. To see my solo and group exhibit. https://raphaelbattoia.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/cv-and-artist-profile-raphac3abl-battoia.pdf