Rubans Rouges Dance | Dance | Valley Glen | Art Jobs
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Sector: DANCE THEATER, Performing Arts, FESTIVAL & AWARD
Country: United States
US State: California
City: Valley Glen
Industry: Dance
Size: 2 - 10 employees
Address: Available upon request. Located in Valley Glen and Studio City, California.
Phone: 8183884256

- About -

Rubans Rouges®(roo 'bon rooj), French for Red Ribbons® was founded in 2009 by dancer-choreographer: Noelle Rose® Andressen. Ms. Andressen merged her two artistic passions: her award winning dance & Emmy nomiated film making on stage and screen. With her contemporary modern ballet dance company and her husband's Emmy nominated music score she developed a breakthrough piece: "Red Ribbons - (Shattered Innocenc)". From there she has developed dance performance pieces with passion and theatrical artistry to give people HOPE. We explore the human condition through narrative story lines and delving into controversial subject matter at times to "BE A LIGHT" in the darkness.

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