POOL_ art&design studio



POOL studio is a hybrid project, residence, studio_gallery, and workshops in a private touristic village in Comporta, 1h and 15 minutes from Lisbon, a swoop of coast between the Sado Estuary and the sea. Surrounded by rice paddies, the ocean, sand dunes and pine forests. This region is particularly well maintained, partly because it is largely classified as a ‘highly protected nature reserve’. It’s a unique place, where you can connect with nature. Right in front of the studio there is a swimming pool, and its 5 min from the beach.

If you are an artist, designer, photographer, etc, etc searching for a studio to rent abroad this is a perfect place for working and have holidays at the some time. 

You will have a room, doube or single and a working space about 25 m2. 

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