The motto of 25ans is "enjoy being gorgeous". If that isn't a booster, the photographs sure are. 25ans models look gorgeous, but unless the the airbrushed photographs of many fashion magazines, this is a beauty that's actually attainable to the magazine's readers, who are in spite of the magazines name' mostly women in their 30s, and married



Country: Spain
City: Barcelona

DIVO is a bilingual fashion and lifestyle magazine for everyone interested in Angolan and African culture.

Country: Angola
City: Luanda

The Face was a magazine started in May 1980 by Nick Logan out of his publishing house Wagadon. Logan had previously created titles such as Smash Hits, and had been an editor at the New Musical Express in the 1970s during one of its most successful periods.

The magazine, often referred to as the "80s fashion bible", was influential in championing a number of fashion music and style trends, whilst keeping a finger on the pulse of youth culture for over two decades; its best selling period was in the mid-1990s when editor Richard Benson brought in a younger team that included art director Lee Swillingham. While Benson ensured the magazine reflected the UK’s revitalized art and music scene, Swillingham changed the visual direction of the magazine to showcase new photography. It was during this time that the work of fashion photographers Inez Van Lamsweerde, Steven Klein, David LaChapelle, Norbert Schoerner, Glen Luchford, Craig McDean and Elaine Constantine was first published.

In the early 1990s, the magazine contained an article suggesting that Australian actor and pop star Jason Donovan was gay. Donovan sued the magazine for libel in 1992 and won the case (but torpedoed his own career in the process). Subsequently, the magazine requested donations from readers to pay the substantial libel damages and court costs which came to £300,000. The magazine set up the "Lemon Aid" fund, so called because their article on Donovan had also stated he highlighted his hair with lemon juice to make it blonder. However, Donovan reached a settlement with the magazine to allow it to stay in business.

In 1999, Wagadon was sold to the publishers EMAP.

Notable names associated with the magazine were designer & typographer Neville Brody (Art Director, 1981-86), creative director Lee Swillingham (Art Director 1993-1999), Julie Burchill, Tony Parsons, photographers Juergen Teller, David Sims and writers including Jon Savage and Fiona Russell Powell.

By its May 2004 closure, the format had become stale, there were too many competitors, sales had declined and advertising revenues had consequently reduced. The publishers EMAP closed the title, in order to concentrate resources on its more successful magazines, however its fashion spin-off Pop still survives as a stand alone magazine brand.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

HERO Magazine was an American glossy men's magazine co-founded in 1997 by Sam Jensen Page and Paul Horne.

HERO features like THE BEST fashion designers and some of the pretty damn finest photographers on the planet too. And it's all about the FACES OF TOMORROW – the guys who will be shaping menswear campaigns and runways over the next few seasons.

HERO comes out twice a year, the SUMMER/FALL issue in May and the WINTER/SPRING issue in October.

The magazine rode the wave of the "mainstreaming" of gay culture. It published the first automotive column in a national gay magazine, the first gay man's wedding guide, etc. HERO turned away from the "sex sells" attitude of other gay publications, and did not accept adult or tobacco advertising. The magazine was also more inclusive of couples and men over 40 than other magazines at the time. It has been argued that its target readership was romantic single gay men.

After fast growth in its first 3 years, the magazine's financial backing was frozen after September 11, 2001, and the publication was forced to cease operations in January 2002.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

Uroda, the small format luxury guide for active women who are looking for inspiration, gives advice on taking care of the “body and soul” and on living in harmony with the world and oneself.

Country: Poland
City: Warsaw
Website: http://uroda.pl

Their goal in creating Engaged! is to produce a regional bridal planning tool of the highest quality – one that is visually enticing, highly informative, and supremely useful. From up-to-the-minute runway photographs of 2006 bridal collections and fashions found at area salons to gorgeous pictorial spreads of area brides’ weddings, Engaged! is the definitive wedding “look book” for inspiration.

Country: United States
City: Springfield

The fashion spirit through accessories.

A biannual edition, Marie Claire 2 offers a host of fashion accessories and brings readers directly into contact with luxury and beauty. Both unimportant and useful, loyal and silent companions of our dreams and our secret moods, accessories have found their expression and wrapping. How indispensable!

Country: France
City: Paris

Vogue India covers of flavors of Indian haute couture, fashion designers and models, Vogue India, is indeed fashion worlds window to Indian fashion panorama. Beautiful glossy pages cover all major fashion events, top designers, accessories, beauty, health, home, art, culture and travel. Vogue is also published independently from UK (Britain), USA, Paris, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, Japan, Australia, Russia, Greece, china with distinctive flavor of that country.

Country: India
City: Mumbai
Website: http://vogue.in
Country: Russia
City: Moscow

SPUR is as an intellectual fashion magazine.Its readers are late teens into the 30s, but most readers are in their 20s. It features clothing that is a mixture of classy, elegance, casual and self-conscious, kind of right in the middle between Vogue Nippon and non-no.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Website: http://spur.jp

The Maxim website is packed full of entertaining, sexy, intelligent, humorous, honest, relevant and engaging editorial which has developed one of the internet's most loyal set of users.

It provides a mix of celebrity interviews, life-enhancing features, intriguing facts, interactive games, the very latest reviews, health and fitness advice and desirable cars and gadgets, together with stunning photography for the smart, self-assured bloke.

Country: Italy
City: Milan
Country: Singapore
City: Singapore