Cipria is an Italian monthly women’s magazine, founded in 1994 and published in Milan by Sfera Editore, part of RCS MediaGroup’s RCS Periodici. It specializes in coverage of make-up and related fashion and beauty topics, carries large amounts of advertising and devotes much space to the horoscope.

The magazine has a cover price of one euro and can be purchased from news-stands; however it is also given away free to customers buying cosmetics and similar items from perfumeries and beauty centres.



Country: Israel

Vogue UK rules the world of fashion, beauty, trends and lifestyle like no other magazine. Vogue UK is no doubt the best of all Vogues. Hundreds of beautiful and gorgeous photographs and features showcase the latest designs and trends, sexy and stylish dresses, sophisticated and elegant knits and embroidery from worlds top designers and catwalks. Accessories, jewelry, beauty, health, art, entertainment, lifestyle and travel are also covered extensively. Special issues are released covering important fashion events around the Globe.

The British edition of Vogue is a fashion magazine that has been published since 1916.

When British Vogue was launched, it was the first overseas edition of an existing magazine. Under the magazine's first editor, Elspeth Champcommunal, the magazine was essentially the same as the American edition, but for its anglicised spellings. Under its second editor, Dorothy Todd, the magazine shifted its focus from fashion to literature and lost much of its audience. It was under Alison Settle, the magazine's third editor, that the magazine took off. British Vogue's current editor-in-chief is Alexandra Shulman. British Vogue is more commercial in approach than other editions of Vogue.

British Vogue is the most profitable British magazine as well as the most profitable Vogue besides the US edition. In 2007, it ran 2,020 pages of advertising at an average of £16,000 a page.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

S+ Specchio is a monthly magazine. It is an associated supplement of the daila newspaper La Stampa which is produced by the La Stampa publishing house.

Country: Italy
City: Milan
Country: United States
City: New York

A magazine of style & inspiration by Carine Roitfeld

Country: United States
City: New York

Bast-magazine is an online magazine founded by Icelanders currently living in Copenhagen. Bast combines creativity, professionalism and a sense of chic designed to give our readers a shot of inspiration.

The Magazine is published four times a year focusing on fashion, art, music, films and culture. With a mixture of interviews, articles, editorials, videos, illustrations - and so much more - their main aspiration with Bast is to combine and evoke interest between Icelandic and Danish creative forces.

Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen
Country: China
City: Peking

Wallpaper* The stuff that surrounds you. Design Interiors Fashion Art Entertaining and Lifestyle

Country: Thailand
City: Bangkok

Packed with the biggest stories, the best photographs, exclusives and the hottest stars from the world of showbiz and entertainment, OK! magazine and bring you the truth and the inside scoop about celebrities. Whether it’s movies, music, TV, celebrity weddings, babies, fashion, break-ups or make-ups, if you want to get up close and personal to the stars, you’re in the right place!

Country: United States
City: New York

Vogue Girl, launched in 2011, sold out immediately and the app was downloaded more than 550,000 times. It became the leading new-generation media brand for fashion conscious women with its multiple platforms spanning the magazine, website, blogs, SMS and apps. Vogue Girl magazine is published biannually.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Country: Norway
City: Oslo

A Semi Annual magazine in the spirit of a trend book which introduces prints for the season. Free use of more than 450 sketches and more than 150 textile designs. The models are immediately accessible and give indications and inspiration for textile production. Every theme covers the sections: colour atmosphere, underwear, outerwear, tops, weaves, knits and accessories. Spiral binding, Texts in English and French NEW: DVD containing all sketches and print designs in vector format for easy processing in all common graphic programs.

Country: France
City: Paris

Vogue India covers of flavors of Indian haute couture, fashion designers and models, Vogue India, is indeed fashion worlds window to Indian fashion panorama. Beautiful glossy pages cover all major fashion events, top designers, accessories, beauty, health, home, art, culture and travel. Vogue is also published independently from UK (Britain), USA, Paris, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, Japan, Australia, Russia, Greece, china with distinctive flavor of that country.

Country: India
City: Mumbai

BLENDA offers up fashion that is stylishly casual. A third of BLENDA's readers are between 15 and 19, while 63% are in their 20s. Because of its relatively many young readers, BLENDA pays a lot of attention to make-up.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo

We Ar is a comprehensive research and coverage of latest high end fashion, stylish trends, accessories, shoe from all major fashion cities, top brands and lifestyle stores around the world. Lots of intelligent features, interviews and business tips, professional quality photos of store displays and show windows, displays and interiors. We Ar magazine is a must for fashion professionals, manufacturers and retails as well.

Country: Austria
City: Zell am See