Commons&Sense was created in answered to the question - what is common sense?

Commons&Sense presents a unique take an the zeitgeist in fashion, beauty, art, interior, music, and the societyin which we live in.

Commons&Sense presents the kind of fashion which you cannot find in all those "catalogue-like" magazines with A to Z descriptions. They present the latest fashion opinions form Tokyo, and so appeal directly to fashion people.

What the Japanese fashion community has been longing for is jsut what Commons&Sense has to offer.



QVEST is a fashion magazine - published in Germany, international in scope and standard. QVEST covers fashion, design and culture competently and passionately. QVEST works together with authors, photographers, stylists and artists in New York, Tel Aviv, Paris, London and Berlin.

QVEST doesn't chase after trends. QVEST seeks out bold, innovative people, presents new, unseen images and fresh, relevant ideas. QVEST moves and motivates brands and markets, provides food for thought and action. QVEST (dis)covers the latest emerging seeds of the international avantgarde while preserving its history and context. QVEST presents what's hot on the world's hedonistic runways - and looks behind the scenes, too.

Since 2001, the magazine is published every three months in german and English. QVEST guarantees a high consumer exposure time and contact of up to four readers per issue.

Country: Germany
City: Cologne

L'Officiel Australia brings an Australian accent to France's oldest fashion magazine—intelligent luxury style, beauty, and art each month.

Country: Australia
Country: Dominican Republic
City: Santo Domingo

Vogue Girl, launched in 2011, sold out immediately and the app was downloaded more than 550,000 times. It became the leading new-generation media brand for fashion conscious women with its multiple platforms spanning the magazine, website, blogs, SMS and apps. Vogue Girl magazine is published biannually.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Country: Australia
City: Surry Hills

Foam Magazine is the embodiment of surfside chic: fashion, ocean, art and music based out of sunny Southern California.

Country: United States
City: Santa Monica
Country: United States
City: Oregon

A new publication that helps to understand the main tendency and the concrete details in each item. 100 styles in each item would be the best fit quantity to understand the overall trend and enough details.

Country: South Korea
City: Seoul

The World’s Only True Art, Fashion, Photography and Travel Bi-Annual.

An exclusive and timeless portfolio of the world’s most talented photographers and artists.

Since its inception as a leading art, fashion and photography periodical nine years ago, EXIT finds itself uniquely positioned at the forefront of art, design, travel, culture and fashion publishing.

EXIT is a boundless source of passion, creative energy and inspirational works.

As much a creative journey for those who contribute as for those who read it, EXIT is wholly unique in this marketplace and as such defies simple genre definitions. It is as challenging and thought-provoking as it is beautiful. A lovingly crafted and luxurious shot of contemporary culture.

EXIT as a brand is synonymous with energy, passion, beauty and unsurpassed attention to detail.

To this end EXIT is a pioneer in many areas, not least in that it stands alone at the crossroads of art, fashion, photography and travel drawing together these sometimes disparate elements to produce stunning works that capture the imagination, challenge perceptions and inspire the reader.

EXIT is amorphous - ever changing and evolving in its quest to pioneer new trends.

Among advertising and marketing agencies, EXIT has become widely recognised as a global leader in spotting and showcasing trends in fashion and photography. With strong global distribution, world-class advertisers and exclusive points-of-sale - plus a discerning, affluent and high-brow readership - EXIT offers a unique environment for agencies to utilise our renowned credibility and influence within the marketplace to target those men and women that are the trendsetters and opinion formers of tomorrow.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

The Pink Ribbon magazine (PINK) is a stylish feel-good magazine radiating positive energy.

There is still a lot to be done in the field of breast cancer in terms of prevention, information and support. But PINK is and wants to achieve more than that. PINK is a feel-good glossy that will appeal to all women. Not only because of its content, but also because all proceeds go to the fight against breast cancer. With this annual magazine Sanoma Uitgevers hopes to be able to make a substantial contribution to a.o. research into breast cancer.

Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam
Country: United Kingdom
City: London