Commons&Sense was created in answered to the question - what is common sense?

Commons&Sense presents a unique take an the zeitgeist in fashion, beauty, art, interior, music, and the societyin which we live in.

Commons&Sense presents the kind of fashion which you cannot find in all those "catalogue-like" magazines with A to Z descriptions. They present the latest fashion opinions form Tokyo, and so appeal directly to fashion people.

What the Japanese fashion community has been longing for is jsut what Commons&Sense has to offer.



Country: Brazil
City: Sao Paolo

Top Fashion Detail: Unique hardcover magazine published in Hong Kong.

Country: China
City: Hong Kong

La Bella Bride Magazine is a trendsetting, Northeast regional wedding publication offering a unique perspective for today’s “thinking woman”. Their dedicated staff, fabulous contributors and exceptional professional advertisers take pride in publishing a magazine which honors savvy couples who want options, style and sophisticated solutions while planning their wedding event. La Bella Bride honors their readers by providing a beautiful, timely magazine filled with gorgeous images and thought provoking editorial. Their publication serves as a lifestyle guide by sharing innovative ideas, practical issues, glamour and elegance in all matters of life and love.

La Bella Bride Magazine has gained admiration from both readers and industry professionals for its ability to bring interesting information, exciting versatility, easy, elegant style and impressive designs to the forefront.

A wedding is a celebration of love, and that is something that will never change. What has changed, however, is the desire to host a wedding within the context of a complete lifestyle and attitude. La Bella Bride is a publication, which does embrace every aspect of a fulfilling life.

Country: United States
City: Cranston

New Zealand Woman's Weekly brings a wide variety of news, stories, recipes and helpful hints to the home every week.

Country: New Zealand
City: Auckland
Country: France
City: Paris

The magazine endeavors to showcase the work of some of the world's best artisans and to create a forum that inspires the passionate, about the beauty of pop culture, to devour and contribute to its dialogue.

FV is a composite of the visual, textual and technological elements that define a great periodical. Our pages present a rich content on celebrity interviews, high profile models and the creative icons of our time, interspersed with exclusive features and smart, seductive editorial stories.

FV Magazine focuses on the trendsetters in the fields of fashion, beauty, arts/culture and music. It examines the "life well lived" by those that inspire and not only brings their experiences to the reader, but uses technology to take the viewer even further into those worlds.

Country: United States
City: New York
Country: Switzerland
City: Zurich
Country: United Kingdom
City: London

Idea of showcasing women collections from the catwalks from all over the world (except from Paris and Milan, which are covered in separate issues) is a very unique and inspirational by Showdetails World. With special focus on the top new lines and collections introduced by worlds top designers and brands in London, New York, Berlin, Madrid, Rio. Only best designs from the catwalk of a designer featured in the magazine gets displayed on the large prestigious pages in pictures of models wearing them one after another that it actually gives the feeling that your are actually watching the show. There are close ups highlighting details of fabric, prints, cuts, laces, embroidery, trims, accessories etc. Showdetails World is full of hot, happening fashion all over the World.

SHOW DETAILS comes out twice a year: in March with the F/W issue and in October with the S/S one, it has the text in 5 languages: I, GB, F, D, E but please consider it is very little to leave more space to the visual message.

Country: Italy
City: Bologna

V Spain is a cult magazine, dedicated to fashion,art, design and lifestyle with a philosophy that is sophisticated and international pioneer in its sector.

Country: Spain
City: Barcelona

The first stop for daily fashion, shopping and celebrity style news, up to the minute reports from the international collections, beauty news, celebrity style secrets, spa guides, the latest diets, hair and beauty trends from the catwalk, celebrity trends, everyone's wearing and get the look, the best edit of what to buy in designer stores and on the high street

Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Country: Taiwan
City: Taipei City

An independent publication online, digital and print on demand magazine featuring high quality photography, dedicated to provide original, different, unique and creative fashion editorial stories.

They always believed that success was about seizing opportunities in life. Their goal with 1968 Magazine is to provide photographers and artists an opportunity to showcase their work, a platform to promote their creativity, originality and authenticity.

For those already established, an amazing possibility of reaching out to audience from all around the world, and for those who are starting, an opportunity to break into fashion.

They want to find a spread of amazing and creative material, showcase it and encourage it to grow by putting the spotlight on promising artists.

1968 Magazine is more than just another magazine, it is visually driven with an international scope, and its content, carefully selected, celebrates a mix of different talents and styles, all blended together to create each issue.

Country: Canada
City: Toronto