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Deliciae Vitae: for men of the world In 1983, aged 18, I approached one of Europe’s leading publishers of adult material with my idea for a stylishly superior men’s publication. I knew there was a market for an international magazine that was classy, luxurious and sexy but which was fundamentally not about porn. I mean if that's all you want you can get it anywhere, right? They laughed me out of the building...

Another 18 years on, the culture of photography and publishing has come a very long way. Having worked as a fashion designer for much of the intervening period I've been struck how much fashion, and particularly fashion photographers have embraced sex and sexuality in advertising and editorial fashion shoots for men and women.

Ultimately, as the fashion industry knows very well, it's the image - the way someone (or something) is photographed - that makes them desirable. The medium - as they say - is the message. Which explains why certain fashion photographers have become as famous as film directors.

Deliciae Vitae is an independent bi-annual publication, of deliberate, unashamedly luxurious excess. Autonomous and unconstrained in a world of ever more increasing conglomerate fashion.

In this, its first issue, beautiful women from across the globe are photographed by the very best fashion and art photographers to give pleasure to the most sophisticated of palates. But such sophistication is indulged just as much by fine writing. So look out for features on the eternal sexual chemistry of champagne, the elitist joys of supersonic travel or the return of the ultimate pop playboy Bryan Ferry. Deliciae Vitae is not meant to appeal to everyone. But then, you're not everyone, are you?



Client is an independent menswear magazine, printed quarterly in black and white.

Client is industry-focussed, emphasising on menswear and male models. Whilst not trying to take things too seriously, we use a fashion dialogue to explore youth and masculinity. Originality is a must and they are crazy about featuring true talent. At the core, they’re not a ‘glossy’, but neither are they an anti-glossy. It’s true to say they’re not very conventional.

Every issue is hand-crafted, working with some of the world’s most talented photographers, stylists and male models – many well established, some emerging.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

W Korea launched in 2005 and has become well regarded for publishing innovative and artistic visuals along with cutting-edge feature articles. W Korea has also launched a number of successful mobile and tablet applications and is popular on social media, demonstrated by the large number of Twitter followers. W magazine is a monthly publication.

Country: South Korea
City: Seoul

L'Officiel, luxury and fashion magazine, published in over 70 countries, is the oldest French women's magazine and the heart of Editions Jalou. For over 80 years it has followed the times and defined French taste in elegance, design talents, up and coming venues, exhibitions, decoration, and architecture. Social movements are treated lightly and with humor. Its 500,000 readers in France are cultivated fashionable women from big cities who will be 35 for ever.

Country: Latvia
City: Rīga

GLAMsterdam is a free bi-monthly glossy magazine published by Blue Mountain Media in the Netherlands. GLAMsterdam has the ultimate content for lifestyle, events, articles, music, art, trends and all things relevant for "Amsterdammers" and the Amsterdam area.

Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam

Paper Magazine is a New York City–based independent magazine focusing on fashion, pop-culture, nightlife, music, art and film. The magazine covers trends, new talent, New York City lifestyle and international lifestyle. Past cover models include Katy Perry, Gaell Garcia Bernal, Chloe Sevigny, Prince, Zac Posen, Rosario Dawson, Jay-Z, Wyclef, Vincent Gallo, Pharrell Williams, Fergie, Mariah Carey, Julianne Moore and The Scissor Sisters. In 2009 for its 25th anniversary, Paper had five different covers featuring 25 25-year-olds such as Taylor Hanson and Kid Cudi. It also held an anniversary party at the New York Public Library with performances by artists Liza Minelli, Queen Latifah, and The Virgins.

Paper Magazine was founded and launched in 1984 by editors Kim Hastreiter and David Hershkovits as a black and white 16-page fold-out (printed in the offices of The New York Times) focusing on pop-culture. The magazine evolved into an 8-inch by 10-inch format and eventually into a glossy magazine. Along with the magazine there is also a website with articles, photos, blogs, and interviews. The website also features PaperTV which showcases musicians, behind the scenes footage and party clips.

Paper Publishing Inc. also owns ExtraExtra, a marketing, event planning, and production company.

Country: United States
City: New York
Country: Poland
City: Warszaw
Country: Germany

WFM MEN latest Runway Reports from International Fashion Shows,Latest runway reports, ideas and solutions, Ready-to-wear of the most popular luxury brands, Real - life - ideas for upcoming seasons, Inspirational style for the trend follower, The interiors have classic, timeless appeal, with the emphasis on quality, A strong leisure read and sourcebook for our readers

Country: China
City: Hong Kong

Top of the line award winning German publication, Squint is dot on all beautiful things life has to offer. Professional and wonderfully arranged photo essays on style, fashion, design, beauty, art are indeed visual treat. A must have for everyone connected to fashion and creativity, very motivating and encouraging

Country: Germany
City: Hamburg
Country: Slovakia
City: Bratislava

YWD is a destination wedding and lifestyle magazine and online publication. With engaging editorial, stunning photography, compelling graphics, and contributions by the industry’s finest, YWD provides our discriminating readers—brides and grooms, their parents, and their wedding professionals—with innovative and elegant ideas as well as a full complement of resources to make their wedding day a stylish occasion.

With a low advertising ratio—over 60 percent editorial—YWD’s pages are a visual feast and the best reading to be found among wedding publications. Published twice annually since 2003—each issue presented with two distinct seasonal covers—YWD explores the wedding traditions through feature articles of a unique expression. Our writers explore new trends and ideas in bridal fashion, wedding venues, event design, catering, cake artistry, floral design, invitations and stationery, hair and makeup, photography, filmmaking, gift registry, rehearsal dinners, honeymoon locations, life and flair, and much more. Our photographers breathe style into the editorial through bold and unique images, keeping YWD fresh and modern while setting new standards for the bridal industry.

Country: United States
City: Ojai