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Deliciae Vitae: for men of the world In 1983, aged 18, I approached one of Europe’s leading publishers of adult material with my idea for a stylishly superior men’s publication. I knew there was a market for an international magazine that was classy, luxurious and sexy but which was fundamentally not about porn. I mean if that's all you want you can get it anywhere, right? They laughed me out of the building...

Another 18 years on, the culture of photography and publishing has come a very long way. Having worked as a fashion designer for much of the intervening period I've been struck how much fashion, and particularly fashion photographers have embraced sex and sexuality in advertising and editorial fashion shoots for men and women.

Ultimately, as the fashion industry knows very well, it's the image - the way someone (or something) is photographed - that makes them desirable. The medium - as they say - is the message. Which explains why certain fashion photographers have become as famous as film directors.

Deliciae Vitae is an independent bi-annual publication, of deliberate, unashamedly luxurious excess. Autonomous and unconstrained in a world of ever more increasing conglomerate fashion.

In this, its first issue, beautiful women from across the globe are photographed by the very best fashion and art photographers to give pleasure to the most sophisticated of palates. But such sophistication is indulged just as much by fine writing. So look out for features on the eternal sexual chemistry of champagne, the elitist joys of supersonic travel or the return of the ultimate pop playboy Bryan Ferry. Deliciae Vitae is not meant to appeal to everyone. But then, you're not everyone, are you?


City: is Stuff magazine's website, where short videos are uploaded to be played by visitors. Episodes are streamed as the user watches in a similar way to video broadcasting sites. The videos are edited together into short videos to a professional standard. The first episode is "Tested to Destruction" and is a deathmatch between the ever popular, ubiquitous iPod nano and a Sansa e250. Three tests are carried out involving a car, a toilet and rifle in order to simulate the effects of 'real life' damage to gadgets.

The site is a logical follow up to the success of the videos that the team posted on YouTube where videos of the team could be found demonstrating new gadgets such as the Sinclair A-bike, a human hydro-foil as well as technology products such as the Samsung X820 mobile phone, iTheatres and the Asus AI Guru S1 Skype phone.

Videos are now available as vidcasts on the website and can be viewed online in a similar way to before or subscribed to via iTunes. Chapters are placed in the short video clips for easy navigation and new player controls are used to play, scan through the video and to adjust the volume or size of the video. New videos are available each Friday and special ones are uploaded to cover events such as the launch of a new product or the Consumer Electronics Show.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

Ponytail magazine is a unique bi-annual publication produced to guide, transform and inspire in high fashion and unique culture.

Ponytail unites a vast array of creative genres, from fashion, beauty, contemporary art, illustration, music, design and many more, who they at Ponytail believe are the creative mavericks shaping the world they live in.

They provide an artistic arena powered by 'avant garde' art direction, opinionated writers and striking photography.

Ponytail offers an artistic and unique information vehicle for readers and advertisers.

Ponytail is proudly far from a traditional 'conformist' glossy periodical; the magazine is a work of art in its own right.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Country: China
City: Guangzhou
Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul

The Online Magazine. Made in Mexico, by Face.

Country: Mexico
City: Monterrey
Country: United States
City: New York

Maxim is an international men's magazine based in the United Kingdom and known for its revealing pictorials featuring popular actresses, singers, and female models, none of whom are nude in the American version.

Country: Switzerland
City: Zurich
Country: Mexico
City: Mexico City

Vogue India covers of flavors of Indian haute couture, fashion designers and models, Vogue India, is indeed fashion worlds window to Indian fashion panorama. Beautiful glossy pages cover all major fashion events, top designers, accessories, beauty, health, home, art, culture and travel. Vogue is also published independently from UK (Britain), USA, Paris, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, Japan, Australia, Russia, Greece, china with distinctive flavor of that country.

Country: India
City: Mumbai

Italy's most successful women's title, Donna Moderna, has been, since its launch 20 years ago, the absolute leader both in terms of circulation and readership, as well as advertising. The service-based editorial formula, which is enhanced by the addition of the supplements Casa Idea and Donna in forma, is focused on variety and completeness, quality journalism and makes the magazine the preferred choice of dynamic, curious and modern women.

Country: Italy
City: Milan

GQ (originally Gentlemen's Quarterly) is a monthly men's magazine focusing upon fashion, style, and culture for men, through articles on food, movies, fitness, sex, music, travel, sports, technology, and books.

Country: Romania
City: Bucharest

Vogue Deutsch is published in Germany by Conde Nast Verlag GmbH twelve times a year. The Editor-in-Chief is Christiane Arp and the Creative Director is Reto Brunnter. The paper quality and printing is typically European with a hard semi-gloss cover. The German Vogue eye is very like a mix between French, Italian, and American Vogue. For me, it is very hard to pinpoint with a definative description. Colour is very important to German Vogue, as evidenced by it's colour-drenched interior and it's subtle use of colour on most covers. All of the inside photo editorials are original, using such varied photographers as Christophe Kutner, Mario Testino, Karl Lagerfeld, Mark Abrahams, Arthur Elgort, Rankin, and Ruven Afanador. As of yet, they have not been bitten by the celebrity bug (but getting close), which as far as I'm concerned, is a sign of loss of creativity. Models are mostly multi-cultural. Vogue Deutsch began publishing with the August 1979 issue.

Country: Germany
City: Munich

Sizzling entertainment, sexy fashion, exciting clubs, hot celebrities, thrilling local favorites—that’s the heartbeat of Las Vegas, and VEGAS brings it to the reader better than anyone else. As the indispens- able guide to the best Las Vegas has to offer, VEGAS entices and educates high-net-worth individuals who frequent premium establishments, resorts, retail boutiques, coveted restaurants, and exclusive private clubs, and who demand exceptional services. VEGAS covers the region’s luxury niche bet- ter than anyone else. From behind-the-scenes coverage of the most novel and high-profile events, to Vegas’s most admired fashion shows, film and music festivals, movie premieres, sporting events, and charity galas, VEGAS has it covered.

Country: United States
City: Henderson

Numéro is an international fashion magazine published by the Groupe Alain Ayache. It has a circulation of 80,000. The womens publication has reached its 100th issue

Numéro was founded in 1998 by Elisabeth Djian, who is now the magazine's editor-in-chief. When asked why she created Numero, Djian commented, "I was bored with magazines that told me how to seduce a man. I wanted to create this magazine for an intelligent, smart woman who wants to read about art, design, music: not about stupidity - creams that take away wrinkles, you know, which is stupid."

Numéro has also got a separate publication for men, under the title of Numéro Homme.

Country: France
City: Paris