Elle Man Romania

Elle Man is a “spin off” of the Elle magazine. It is published twice a year in April and November and it is sold together with Elle magazine. This editorial product is specially created for men. Elle Man is the trend- setter in the male fashion world. Elle Man is a complete guide for men, that are interested in the latest male fashion trends, sports or the most fashionable gadgets and miscellaneous accessories. Also, Elle Man presents the profiles of the most interesting personalities in culture, politics, sports and show-biz.



Country: Germany
City: Hamburg
Country: Slovenia

WTF? stands for "What's The Fashion?" and is an Russian lifestyle magazine founded in October 2012.

Country: Russia
City: Moscow
Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam
Country: Poland
City: Warszaw
Country: Australia
City: Sydney

Glamour is a women's magazine published by Condé Nast Publications. Glamour is a very successful magazine. Founded in 1939 in the United States, it was originally called Glamour of Hollywood.

It is now published in numerous countries including the UK, USA, Sweden, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Greece, Poland, South Africa, Hungary, Romania (the latest addition), The Netherlands, and in a Latin American (Spanish language) edition, and soon to be launched in Australia. In most cases it is a monthly publication.

Country: Netherlands
City: Gilze

This German publication catalogs the best and the trendiest designer accessories like leather, shoes, handbags, jewelry, eyewear, headwear and much more. Professional quality photographs give excellent details of accessories style, material and trims. Hundreds of fine photographs highlight new concepts, designs and colors in accessories that complement the top end designer dresses of the season on famous catwalks.

Country: Germany
City: Düsseldorf

FÜR SIE, Just live better. WOMEN-readers have fun in life. You want to enjoy its myriad possibilities to the fullest, are open-minded and full of life. They trust YOU in all key areas - from fashion and beauty about fitness and health to cooking and culture. YOU continue to bring the readers and their lives makes it easier, more beautiful, more surprising, in short, simply better. Then trust the readers.

Country: Germany
City: Unterföhring

On Flaironline.nl Flair readers can review special Flair offers, participate in competitions and order articles from the Flair shop. In the Flaironline.nl forum visitors can chat about everything and anything and via an account they can keep a web log or upload photos to a personalised album.

The Flaironline.nl visitor loves shopping, going out, fashion, films, music, cooking and romance. An openly emotional and positive person the Flaironline.nl visitor follows the trends close to home and uses Flaironline.nl as a tool to do this. Alongside traditional advertising options there are also other advertising possibilities on Flaironline.nl. These are as follows:

* Sub- heading under the themes 'Shop', ‘Delen’ (Share) or 'Doen' (Do it), to be filled as wished

* Sponsored photo competition

* Sponsored theme in the forum

* Sponsored discussion or web log

* A personalised survey

* A personalised poll on the homepage

* Donation of a prize on the “Play and Win’ page

* Other competitions

Country: Netherlands
City: Hoofddorp
Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam
Country: Mexico
City: Mexico City

Viva! Biography is the magazine with the most interesting, extraordinary facts about the lives of celebrities and exclusive or rare photos of politicians, musicians, writers and actors.

Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev