THE WEBSITE is a place for experimental work and special projects. It's a visual and sensoral explosion of project based collaborations made by some of our favourite photographers, stylists, artists, film makers, writers and designers, all commissioned specially for the site. It's not updated every nano-minute of every blog-induced-churnalistic second, because we want to take the time to put some good-lookin' stuff together.



Berlin is in fashion: Many networks in the fashion industry, seven fashion shows, put about 800 labels and young designers, nine fashion schools and numerous retail shops and work in the capital trends. The Fashion Book Berlin has it all: the most creative designers, the finest shops and main events.

Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam
Country: Brazil
City: São Paulo
Country: Chile
City: Santiago de Chile

Marfa Journal is a new printed publication inspired by Marfa, TX and created by artists for artists.

Country: Mexico
City: Marfa
Country: Spain
City: Madrid
Country: United States
City: New York
Website: http://goop.com/

Popteen is a monthly teenage fashion magazine published by the Kadokawa Haruki Corporation in Japan. The first issue was published October 1, 1980, by Kadokawa Shoten, but later issues were produced by Asuka Shinsha who bought the magazine for 200 million yen. In 1994, the magazine was bought by the Kadokawa Haruki Corporation for 600 million yen, and has since become its flagship publication.

Popteen is one of Asia's top fashion magazines. The magazine is published in Japan and Taiwan, and has recently launched a web presence in the United States.

Japanese magazine's 'cover queen' is Ayumi Hamasaki, who has been featured on the cover 21 times since 2000. Other artists that appeared on the cover include Kumi Koda, Namie Amuro, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Fergie and Gwen Stefani.

The magazine is famous for having a 'user-model business-model' where its readers become models in the magazine. It is notable for its coverage of Gyaru fashions. One of the most popular popteen models was Tsubasa Masuwaka who in December 2007 married Umesan Naoki, a male fashion model. She announced on her blog that she had graduated from Popteen and that the February 2008 issue would be her last.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Country: Argentina
City: Buenos Aires

An historic title for Mondadori, Confidenze, which has maintained its vitality. This is the result of an exclusive formula that every week brings together service content (cooking, health, fashion, beauty) and other features (short romantic fiction, true-life stories).

Country: Italy
City: Milan
Country: Austria
City: Vienna