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esta aims at women aged 35 and older and in that respect it is different from other magazine. esta offers a unique mix of information, relaxation and depth. Serious but fun, every two weeks!

esta stimulates its readers by being a platform for current themes and opinions. The keywords are real, self-willed and dynamic. As well as being a source of inspiration and information, esta aims to challenge its readers and to set them thinking. Thanks to its frequency esta can switch quickly and offers various possibilities for advertising.

Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam

The Beauty Magazine is the luxury health, beauty and fashion expert.

The Beauty Magazine offers everyone the information they need to live a beautiful life. They specialize in reporting on the latest luxury products and services as well as providing concise details on the most up to date health studies and trends. Throughout Europe and beyond their readers can expect a clear explanation of what really works, what the best fashion trends are and how to be happy and beautiful on the inside and out.

The Beauty Magazine is not only a valuable guide, but an entertaining, uncompromising, indispensable health, beauty and fashion resource.

Country: United States
City: Miami
Country: Brazil
City: São Paulo

UCE is a 100% digital "eco-luxurious" magazine dedicated to fashion, design and culture.

Used is a London based biannual publication focussing on the interaction between Fashion and Art.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Country: United States
City: New York
Country: France
City: Paris

Fashion Collection is a brand new thing in the Russian fashion culture. This is the first Russian glossy magazine that can play by the strict rules which are conventional in the international fashion society. They propose their view on fashion, taking into account interests and favors of the Russian readers. Here you can always find the interviews with those, whose names take off the feet millions of women all over the world. Fashion Collection confirmed its influence, having opened representations in the capitals of world fashion: Paris, London, Milan and New York. Beginning from the new season, the chain of representations in Russia and the countries of the former Commonwealth of Independent States strengthens the image and takes care of the magazine’s promotion by means of the local campaigns and address work with the regional Luxury and Premium Class auditory. Fashion Collection has got the largest base of the federal target audience. It is at hand to its readers, thanks to its efficiency. Young and dynamic team of the magazine always keeps the track of the latest news, that’s why it is useful as a navigator on the world of fashion and style. Thus it reduces the way from the catwalk to the consumer. Fashion Collection is a magazine for clever and discerning, educated and solvent people with a sense of style, that have their own opinion about everything.

Country: Russia
City: Moscow

From world affairs to entertainment, business to fashion, crime to society, Vanity Fair is a cultural catalyst that drives the popular dialogue globally. With its unique mix of narrative journalism, stunning photography, and social commentary, the magazine accelerates ideas and images to the world's center stage. With web-only articles, slide shows, videos, and a daily blog, brings the conversation online.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Country: Brazil
City: São Paulo

If you...exercise in order to feel and look beautiful, want to be thin and eat healthy without deprivations, need to experience quality in your relationships, Shape is your magazine! Love yourself, so you can love the others... Shape, your self comes first!

Country: Greece
City: Athens

Textile Forum magazine (TF) reports quarterly on art, crafts and design, preservation of cultural heritage and themes relating to education and research. TF is published in English and German in two parallel editions. The magazine is available by subscription; single copies are sold by publisher and a few sales outlets. TF offers a forum to readers interested in the cultural aspects of textile and clothing. Each issue contains a preview of textile events in the editorial part as well as a calendar listing between 230 and 250 events, such as exhibitions, meetings, further education and competitions.

Country: Germany
City: Hannover

VIVmag offers insight, advice and authentic stories to inspire and motivate women in their quest for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Smart and vital, VIVmag readers know the way to live.

VIVmag is a first: It’s an all-digital magazine that delivers reliable, accurate service journalism in beauty, style, travel, wellness, healthy eating, fitness and awareness. Its audience of savvy women are genuinely committed to leading healthy, balanced lives.

VIVmag’s interactive content entertains and informs, helping readers achieve the confidence that comes from engaging life at a higher level. VIV. It’s the way to live.

Country: United States
City: Westlake Village