Younger girls, from 15 to 20, in high school, are interested in fashion and in name brands. Muteen, an upper market magazine is for this age group, in other words for the daughters of l'Officiel readers. Like Jalouse, Muteen is avant-garde in new fashion and beauty trends. Muteen is also an interactive magazine that allows readers to become involved in the very contents of their magazine.



From World affairs to Hollywood, business to fashion, crime to society, is the cultural catalyst that drives the popular conversation online through blogs, video, photography, and award-winning journalism.

Country: United States
City: New York

Happie nuts offers a sexy version of ‘oneesan’ style. The magazines aims to attract readers who have outgrown the ‘kawaii’ look. The magazine sports bronzed bikini models on its cover pretty much all year long.

Happie nuts is published by INFOREST which also publishes Samurai Magazine, NAIL MAX, ageha, nadesico, crossword king and many others.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Country: Italy
City: Milan

The 88 magazine is part of the 88 concept which will bring high-fashion directly to our readers, twice a year.

Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen

Gap Men Collections Paris fashion magazine from Gap, Japan has most comprehensive overview of shows and catwalks of Paris, New York, Barcelona and more. Published in oversized format with stunning high quality photographs of the most trendiest and hottest designer outfits for men by worlds best fashion designers , it is one of the most sought after mens fashion publication from Gap.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo

Philosophy is a new experimental online magazine launched in Summer 2013. This fresh medium was developed based on the idea of Eszter Boldov to provide a platform for talented young Hungarian artists: photographers, fashion professionals, models and writers can get the chance to introduce their works in the free fashion magazine, which creates a clean and bold environment. Philosophy’s mission is to fill the gap and provide the currently missing chance for the professionals and emerging talents to raise awareness of Hungarian fashion and art enthusiasts, but of course to create opportunity to reach the international audience too.

Country: Hungary
City: Budapest
Country: Austria
City: Vienna
Country: Slovakia
City: Bratislava

Top Fashion Blouse: unique hard cover magazine published in Hong Kong.

Country: China
City: Hong Kong

Vogue Pelle is dedicated to new development and latest trends in the world of leather fashion apparel, shoes, belts and accessories. A comprehensive coverage of new and best creations of leading designers, new colors, trims, leather textures. Beautiful ads, great quality photos make Vogue Pelle a great inspiring magazine for designers, manufacturers, and retailers in leather industry.

Country: Italy
City: Milan