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System is a dynamic new magazine celebrating the fashion industry and its impact on the world. Fashion’s rapport with contemporary life - from art and architecture to technology and finance via cinema and celebrity - has never been so fascinating and far-reaching. System concerns itself with the people at the heart of these exchanges, not simply the latest 'it' products on the front line.

Rather than simply profiling the industry’s myriad players and figures, System invites them to exercise their creativity and express their opinions. System highlights the world beyond the power and influence of the fashion industry.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

"Zoom Details" is reports to you every fine details of International Fashion Shows. Our professional photographers place their emphasis on all fashion areas, from headbands, fabric, laces, pattern, accessories, buttons, zips, cuttings, embroideries to shoelaces.

Country: China
City: Hong Kong

frankie magazine is a bi-monthly, Australian young women’s [and men's] magazine, published and owned by Morrison Media. frankie was launched in October 2004 by editor Louise Bannister and creative director Lara Burke (formerly of Morrison's now defunct teen title, Chik magazine). In early 2008, editor Bannister was replaced by Jo Walker, a former frankie senior writer.

The magazine's audience has grown swiftly since its inception, and is now estimated to be 136,000 globally.

The magazine's popularity can be largely attributed to its ability to capture the street-smart, 20-something demographic. Covering Art, Music, Fashion, Craft and Life, frankie spans a broad spectrum of interests, and hence readership.

frankie is recognised for its amusing, often biting articles, most notably by its senior writers, Mia Timpano, Benjamin Law, Edmund Burke, Marieke Hardy, Jason Treuen and comedian Justin Heazlewood, who collectively drive the "voice" of Frankie magazine, which is characteristically sharp, witty and anecdotal.

frankie is celebrated for its inspirational interviews with "everyday" people. For issue 13, Timpano conducted a series of unusual and powerful interviews with young female victims of torture from Iraq and Sudan.

The magazine traditionally features lesser known bands and artists, and as such is respected source of emerging talent. Early issues featured actress Emily Barclay and artist Abbey McCulloch, who would later be shortlisted for the Archibald Prize.

The magazine's reputation has also attracted celebrity writers, such as indietronica singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko, the band The Cops, who contribute lists of "things to do before they die".

frankie is noted for its cute, fetching design, traditionally featuring Polaroid camera photography, poster artwork and an unknown young woman on each cover.

Featured artists have included Abbey McCulloch, Princess Tina's Beci Orpin and Kat Macleod.

Country: Australia
City: Brisbane
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Country: Latvia
City: Rīga
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles

Harper's Bazaar is a world-renowned arbiter of fashion and good taste. Since its inception in 1867 as America's first fashion magazine, Bazaar has been home to extraordinary talents of Man Ray and Richard Avedon, and continues that tradition today with photographers including Peter Lindbergh and Sølve Sundsbø.

Sophisticated, elegant and provocative, Harper’s Bazaar is the style resource for women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture. With style, authority and insider insight, Bazaar focuses strictly on fashion and beauty, and covers what’s new to what’s next.

Month after month, Harper’s Bazaar showcases the world’s most visionary stylists and talented designers to deliver readers a visually stunning portrayal of the world of fashion and beauty.

In addition to publishing in the United States, Bazaar prints 27 editions around the world.

Country: Greece
City: Maroussi

GQ (originally Gentlemen's Quarterly) is a monthly men's magazine focusing upon fashion, style, and culture for men, through articles on food, movies, fitness, sex, music, travel, sports, technology, and books.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

BAILA appeals especially to working women in their 20s and is similar to Oggi, with and MORE.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo

Pomp is a luxury lifestyle magazine created especially for London’s most affluent international arrivals.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

Vanguard Red is a digital magazine based in Auckland, New Zealand, devoted to showcasing the current and emerging talents of contemporary culture. With a focus on the new and emerging players in every facet of the arts - music, fashion, film, design, photography - they aim to feature those who are changing the game and in turn, document the future.

Country: New Zealand
City: Auckland

Let Them Eat Cake is a quarterly fashion magazine, published by The Mushrooms Group. Let Them Eat Cake features the next generation of the fashion industry. It is a platform for new talent, those in transition from previously working behind many of the worlds foremost photographers, stylists, and hair and make-up artists. It includes commissioned shoots by a new generation of photographers and stylists featuring leading designers established and new. Let Them Eat Cake is built upon industry support and know-how with interviews and collaborations with fashion industry legends including Terry Jones, Katie Grand, Ashley Heath, Elaine Constantine, Neville Brody, Sara Mower, Solve Sundsbo, Panos and many more.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

The theme for Marie Claire is “More than a Pretty Face”. The magazine gives readers information about different women around the world and their needs, struggles, and stories of life.

The goal of the magazine is to provide readers with a substantial amount of information about new looks in the fashion industry as well as current issues that women of the world are facing. Moreover, it also adds relationship information, along with a section dedicated to answering specific questions from readers. It provides information pertaining to different items of clothing and accessories, as well as which would be a better deal. Each month recognizes a particular female celebrity by placing her on the cover of the magazine and featuring her in a main article, along with providing monthly horoscope.

Country: United States
City: New York

Seventeen (Thailand) is a must-read for every young Thai woman (17-21) in-the-know. Recognized as the style bible for young women since it was first introduced to Thailand in December 2002, the magazine has established itself as a market leader.

Their readers get the most updated fashion and beauty information, which not only encourages but also inspires them to use it in their every day lives. Whatever the topic -- Health, Boys, Real life or Lifestyle -- Seventeen arms its readers with all the information a young woman needs.

The cover and entertainment section puts all the teen icons of Hollywood and young celebrities within reach. The content reflects the voice of their readers and this uniqueness has made Seventeen what it is today: a must-read!

Country: Thailand
City: Bangkok