Country: Japan
City: Tokyo

ADORN is a new, high-end jewellery magazine targeted at high net worth consumers of jewellery and luxury jewelled accessories across India. The new magazine is a no-compromise, high quality offering, rich with visuals and full of exciting content aimed at the jewellery consumer.

Adorn fills a yawning gap in India for a well-brought-out jewellery magazine that connects with what the jewellery consumer really cares about. What really is ‘precious’? What excites her and makes her want to buy jewellery? What is the special ingredient in the mystique of iconic pieces like Carl Fabergé’s jewelled eggs and Cartier’s elephant? What’s the latest in jewellery? What’s running through the minds of the country’s leading designers? How can you value heritage jewellery? What does one look for when buying diamonds or coloured gemstones?

Adorn features the latest offerings from manufacturers and retailers. It has themed photo spreads featuring top models wearing the best jewellery from across the country. It covers red carpet events and what the who’s who is wearing in jewellery today. And much more...

Adorn is brought to you by Spenta Multimedia, India’s largest custom publisher and also publisher of Jetwings, Marwar, Hair and India Boating, magazines that are targeted at the luxury lifestyle segment.

Country: India
City: Mumbai
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City: Athens
Country: Thailand
City: Bangkok

Top Santé is the expert magazine women can really trust. Dedicated to health, psychology, anti-ageing, beauty, diet and nutrition, it's the only choice for women who want to make positive changes to look and feel healthier and happier!

Country: France
City: Paris

Zen Magazine Africa is a global magazine that caters for people who love everything artistic from Africa and other parts of the world. They use their platform as a channel for the rest of the world to get to know Africa better, the people who work tirelessly to develop their talents, the models who strut the runway, the fashion designers who give us the latest trends from their collections, fabulous travel destinations and most importantly, supporting the charities in their community through the resources they get. They started Zen through the social media back in 2010 because of lack of funding to go print. They used platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to share their contents, editorials and messages with their online readers who were interested in their work and loved their designs in each editorial piece. Today, they have one of the most vibrant websites in the African digital world and they don't plan on stopping there.. no sir they don't. Zen will feature quality fashion editorials from established and aspiring designers, fashion models in Africa, Europe and North America, travel destinations, Artwork and photography in a quality print publication.

Country: Nigeria
City: Lagos

BLENDA offers up fashion that is stylishly casual. A third of BLENDA's readers are between 15 and 19, while 63% are in their 20s. Because of its relatively many young readers, BLENDA pays a lot of attention to make-up.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Country: France
City: Paris

Sportswear International stands apart from other fashion magazines as the only global industry publication that focuses on — and truly understands — smart, young, sophisticated, casual, contemporary style. Providing inside information, stunning fashion shoots and invaluable insight into the workings and offerings of an ever-changing industry, Sportswear International is THE must-read style bible of anyone, anywhere who works in the casual fashion sector.

From our permanent offices in Milan, Frankfurt New York and Moscow, and with a team of global correspondents that spans from Shanghai and Sao Paulo to Tokyo, London, Paris and Berlin, we bring international fashion and style news from the world's streets, catwalks, fairs and showrooms directly to our readers — giving them the knowledge to make informed, business-boosting decisions and truly inspired creative ones.

Country: Germany
City: Frankfurt

The Face was a magazine started in May 1980 by Nick Logan out of his publishing house Wagadon. Logan had previously created titles such as Smash Hits, and had been an editor at the New Musical Express in the 1970s during one of its most successful periods.

The magazine, often referred to as the "80s fashion bible", was influential in championing a number of fashion music and style trends, whilst keeping a finger on the pulse of youth culture for over two decades; its best selling period was in the mid-1990s when editor Richard Benson brought in a younger team that included art director Lee Swillingham. While Benson ensured the magazine reflected the UK’s revitalized art and music scene, Swillingham changed the visual direction of the magazine to showcase new photography. It was during this time that the work of fashion photographers Inez Van Lamsweerde, Steven Klein, David LaChapelle, Norbert Schoerner, Glen Luchford, Craig McDean and Elaine Constantine was first published.

In the early 1990s, the magazine contained an article suggesting that Australian actor and pop star Jason Donovan was gay. Donovan sued the magazine for libel in 1992 and won the case (but torpedoed his own career in the process). Subsequently, the magazine requested donations from readers to pay the substantial libel damages and court costs which came to £300,000. The magazine set up the "Lemon Aid" fund, so called because their article on Donovan had also stated he highlighted his hair with lemon juice to make it blonder. However, Donovan reached a settlement with the magazine to allow it to stay in business.

In 1999, Wagadon was sold to the publishers EMAP.

Notable names associated with the magazine were designer & typographer Neville Brody (Art Director, 1981-86), creative director Lee Swillingham (Art Director 1993-1999), Julie Burchill, Tony Parsons, photographers Juergen Teller, David Sims and writers including Jon Savage and Fiona Russell Powell.

By its May 2004 closure, the format had become stale, there were too many competitors, sales had declined and advertising revenues had consequently reduced. The publishers EMAP closed the title, in order to concentrate resources on its more successful magazines, however its fashion spin-off Pop still survives as a stand alone magazine brand.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London