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Lecturas Moda devotes an edition to the autumn and winter season and the other to spring and summer. With its clean layouts and beautiful photos, it provides all the latest trends from the international fashion catwalks.

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City: Barcelona
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City: Gold Coast

Vogue is the fashion authority. Setting the standard for over 100 years has made Vogue the best selling fashion magazine in the world. Each issue delivers the latest in beauty, style, health, fitness and celebrities. Before it's in fashion, it's in Vogue!

Vogue was founded as a weekly publication by Arthur Baldwin Turnure in 1892. When he died in 1909, Condé Nast picked it up and slowly began growing the publication. The first change Nast made was that Vogue appeared every two weeks instead of weekly. Nast also went overseas in the early 1910s. The magazines number of publications and profit increased dramatically under Nast.

In the 1960s, with Diana Vreeland as editor-in-chief and personality, the magazine began to appeal to the youth of the sexual revolution by focusing more on contemporary fashion and editorial features openly discussing sexuality.

Vogue also continued making household names out of models, a practice that continued with Suzy Parker, Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Lauren Hutton, Veruschka, Marisa Berenson, Penelope Tree, and others.

In 1973, Vogue became a monthly publication. Under editor-in-chief Grace Mirabella, the magazine underwent extensive editorial and stylistic changes to respond to changes in the lifestyles of its target audience.

The current editor-in-chief of American Vogue is Anna Wintour, noted for her trademark bob and her practice of wearing sunglasses indoors. Since taking over in 1988, Wintour has worked to protect the magazine's high status and reputation among fashion publications. In order to do so, she has made the magazine focus on new and more accessible ideas of "fashion" for a wider audience. This allowed Wintour to keep a high circulation while discovering new trends that a broader audience could conceivably afford.

Wintour's presence at fashion shows is often taken as an indicator of the designer's profile within the industry.

In 2003, she joined the Council of Fashion Designers of America in creating a fund that provides money and guidance to at least two emerging designers each year. This has built loyalty among the emerging new star designers, and helped preserve the magazine's dominant position of influence through what Time called her own "considerable influence over American fashion. Runway shows don't start until she arrives. Designers succeed because she anoints them. Trends are created or crippled on her command."

Country: United States
City: New York

Opening one of Estetica's magazines or albums, is like stepping into a world of vision, imagination and pure luxury. Every photograph, model pose, salon experience is a thought provoking inspiration.

Now issued 5 times a year, Estetica UK is the high-gloss magazine with over 180 pages dedicated entirely to the latest trends from the world of hair fashion. A strong connection to the dynamic British beauty industry and in-depth coverage of the major issues and trends that affect the business make Estetica UK an essential professional tool. The International Section, contained in each issue and translated in English, Italian and Spanish, provide readers with the important advantage of global beauty coverage, including the most beautiful hair collections from the world's top hairdressers and the latest news on international trends in fashion and beauty.

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City: London
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WWD is the media of record for senior executives in the global women�s and men�s fashion, retail and beauty communities and the consumer media that cover the market.

WWD Magazines set the trends the world follows, engaging fashion, retail and beauty power players with compelling issues that offer the first look at what's next in global fashion.

Country: Germany
City: Berlin

WWD is the media of record for senior executives in the global women’s and men’s fashion, retail and beauty communities and the consumer media that cover the market.

WWD Magazines set the trends the world follows, engaging fashion, retail and beauty power players with compelling issues that offer the first look at what's next in global fashion.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo

An indispensable professional tool for purchase which helps you in recognizing the most innovative and commercial trends in the sector. Detailed information regarding intimate apparel, swimwear and hosiery collections for both women and men of designers and trade companies. Reportages from international fairs and fashion catwalks. Financial columns and the latest fashion trends.

Country: Italy
City: Modena

Since 2006, TUSH Magazine has aimed to present Beauty and Fashion far beyond typical trends and seasonal looks. Setting itself aside from other German independent magazines TUSH covers what the publisher Armin Morbach and his team like to call ‘Comments on Aesthetics & Society’. Pushing the boundaries of Beauty and Fashion as well as interpreting styles and habits in their societal contexts provide not only substantial background information but also clearly breathtaking aesthetic.

Large-scale editorials and shoots by young as well as prominent international photographers and make-up artists, comprehensive trend analysis and an ever evolving and delicate layout for each of the four issues a year, ensures that TUSH stands proud as an innovative, inspiring and glamorous publication that their readers claim is ‘VOGUE’s younger sister’. Highly evocative images resume contemporary lifestyle on 250 pages every three months. TUSH has become a collector’s item for all who love to experience the beautiful, passionate and a never-ending richness of life.

Country: Germany
City: Hamburg

Founded by Mino Pissimiglia in 1946, Estetica quickly established itself as the most informative publication at the forefront of the Italian hairdressing industry. It was successfully launched in Japan in 1958, followed by Peru, Latin America and The Middle East in 1962 - 1963. The launch of the first Italian-English International edition was heralded in 1977. Today, Estetica is published in 24 editions and distributed in 80 countries with a global circulation of over 270,000. Estetica, the market leader in specialised publishing, offers new product information, exhibition news, photo collections, step-by-steps, as well as the very latest in hair trends. The main section of the magazine, Estetica International, is common to all issues and is thus translated into 5 different languages. It offers an exciting preview of the very best in hair styles and fashion trends from around the globe. The front section of each edition is unique to the countries where it is issued and provides readers with essential information on product innovation, celebrity interviews and industry news as well as corporate advertising.

Country: Italy
City: Torino