Playboy Netherlands

Playboy offers everything that fascinates men. The most attractive female beauty, lifestyle, in-depth interviews and the latest must-have gadgets. But also travel, films, music, literature and culinary. Playboy has it all. This wide range of subjects is the great strength of the self-willed quality monthly with the internationally famous brand name. Moreover, it regularly offers an exclusive report of a beautiful, naked Dutch female celebrity, stylishly photographed by a top photographer. In a word, Playboy is a bull’s eye for a broad group of men aged 18-45 who enjoy the pleasures of life.



Ocean Drive is a magazine that reports entertainment and local events in Miami, Florida, in the United States. The magazine often has interviews with celebrities, and stories on music and nightlife. Sarah Harrelson is the Editor in Chief. The magazine's headquarters are located in South Beach

Country: United States
City: Miami Beach

An historic title for Mondadori, Confidenze, which has maintained its vitality. This is the result of an exclusive formula that every week brings together service content (cooking, health, fashion, beauty) and other features (short romantic fiction, true-life stories).

Country: Italy
City: Milan

THE END. is a Fashion, Art and Culture magazine that offers a unique editorial playground, based on integrity, creativity and style.

The most famous international fashion and luxury brands advertise in THE END. in order to be associated with it¹s unique philosophy and strong creative identity, that bring an independent expression to an homogenous media landscape.

Country: Italy
City: Milan
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles
Country: Greece
City: Athen

JELLY is a fashion magazine for the "new generation" of gyaru.

JELLY is published by Bunkasha which also publishes Ranzuki.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo

MilK Magazine (France) is a contemporary children's fashion and lifestyle quarterly magazine based in Paris, France.

MilK Magazine was founded by Isis-Colombe Combris and first published in August of 2003. Karel Balas is the artistic director for MilK (2003-). The primary focus of the magazine has consistently been on contemporary children's trends in fashion and the home. The high fashion editorials star kids as young as infancy and are paired with articles including topics on haute French childrens' clothing, bedroom decor, et all. Ads in the magazine concern children and include companies such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry, D&G, Roberto Cavalli, Dior, as well as local (European only) high end designers such as Wafflish Waffle and mini Rodini. Milk Magazine is published four times a year, without the inclusion of the sister publications.

Country: France
City: Paris

Go beyond the red carpet! Every week, OK! is packed with big glossy pics of A-list stars at home, on-set, at parties and on the red carpet, intimate celebrity interviews, as well as the latest celebrity news.

Country: China
City: Beijing
Country: Puerto Rico
City: San Juan

Always | Sometimes | Anytime is a platform committed to exposing emerging creative talent to an audience of people who are similarly motivated and inspired.

Always | Sometimes | Anytime is split into the three parts:

Always is a news feed with all the information we are getting excited about in the culture world

Sometimes is a blog-like feed featuring intelligent commentary from their contributors about information, people and events we feel are shaping our world

Anytime is a platform for the entirely unique and beautiful imagery and words of their contributors, who are constantly blowing us away. In a good way.

“KISMET Magazine – we are the largest International online Fashion, Art, Music Magazine’s”

KISMET Magazine is 5 international online magazines, International, United Kingdom, Germany, United States of America, and The Netherlands.

KISMET Magazine in conjunction with Cool Designs has developed this online medium to ensure that they help the environment without printing. Their dedication is to help the environment and to introduce creative people that have reached an elite standard into the world of Fashion, Music and Art.

KISMET Magazine have been global leaders in establishing theirselves as the perfect source in finding outstanding talent. With a global following of KISMET Magazine, now they are growing at an outstanding pace, more visitors every month are wanting to see the world's best talent.

Country: United States
City: New York