Playboy Netherlands

Playboy offers everything that fascinates men. The most attractive female beauty, lifestyle, in-depth interviews and the latest must-have gadgets. But also travel, films, music, literature and culinary. Playboy has it all. This wide range of subjects is the great strength of the self-willed quality monthly with the internationally famous brand name. Moreover, it regularly offers an exclusive report of a beautiful, naked Dutch female celebrity, stylishly photographed by a top photographer. In a word, Playboy is a bull’s eye for a broad group of men aged 18-45 who enjoy the pleasures of life.



Country: Australia
City: Sydney

It has been available in the news-stands, in Italy and abroad, for many years. Its frequency coincides with the international fashion shows. Exclusive photos and never ordinary bilingual texts, are flash that draw the attention on the trends that are really important and that offer absolutely international sight of the Haute Couture and of the Prêt-a-Porter. Already from the first issue, Book moda has asserted to itself rules of absolute rigour in all the numberless aspects that make the image and the substance of a really prestigious magazine. A peculiarity is the exactness in the information, coincise and exhaustive in the choice of the users target. Considering the dealed topics , BOOK MODA addresses itself to the experts and to a wide public of qualified readers. BOOK MODA is an advertising means for the most qualified Made in Italy, not dispersive, ideal for campaigns of products directly or indirectly bounded to the fashion word.

Country: Italy
City: Milan

Founded by Mino Pissimiglia in 1946, Estetica quickly established itself as the most informative publication at the forefront of the Italian hairdressing industry. It was successfully launched in Japan in 1958, followed by Peru, Latin America and The Middle East in 1962 - 1963. The launch of the first Italian-English International edition was heralded in 1977. Today, Estetica is published in 24 editions and distributed in 80 countries with a global circulation of over 270,000. Estetica, the market leader in specialised publishing, offers new product information, exhibition news, photo collections, step-by-steps, as well as the very latest in hair trends. The main section of the magazine, Estetica International, is common to all issues and is thus translated into 5 different languages. It offers an exciting preview of the very best in hair styles and fashion trends from around the globe. The front section of each edition is unique to the countries where it is issued and provides readers with essential information on product innovation, celebrity interviews and industry news as well as corporate advertising.

Country: Russia
City: Moscow

This fabulous German publication dedicated to the latest styling sketches, designs, details, colors and materials on hundreds of glossy pages. Printed ahead of time every season , four times a year, it is a must for product development for fashion, apparel and textile designers , producers and retailers as well.

Country: Germany
City: Düsseldorf

JELLY is a fashion magazine for the "new generation" of gyaru.

JELLY is published by Bunkasha which also publishes Ranzuki.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo

WeTheUrban, an online publication dedicated to fashion, art, music, and culture (and Tumblr's current most followed blog of the like) is set to release their fourth issue: The Creative Expression Issue. Creativity is the sense that brings out the best and worst of us, but the impact of that creativity is what makes this world worth living in.

Country: United States
City: New York is a website for a growing community of women by women. Every day there is something new to find on and the women are individually responsible for building the site. With trusted columnists such as Tineke, Wieke, Susan and Ebru, readers can have daily contact. There is a web log where all the latest happenings from the editorial can be followed, there’s a recipe book, gardeners database and an interactive Libelle book club. The ever-popular Libelle forum offers the opportunity to chat and play games in the Libelle cafe.

Visitors also have the opportunity to read, test, interview and write for Libelle self. The visitor is your next-door neighbour, the average Dutch woman. She has a full life and willingly does things with others. She loves shopping, fashion, creating a home and gardening. Cooking is something she does daily and with pleasure. She also takes pride in her appearance.

Country: Netherlands
City: Rotterdam

The first Pacha opened in the beach town of Sitges in 1967. Six years later, in 1973 during the hippy movement, Pacha arrived in Ibiza. Since then the brand has been constantly developing together with time, fashion and trends, and bringing new ideas, improvements and all kind of extravagances to the night scene; although always maintaining its singularity, its particular style and spirit.

Four decades after its first opening in Sitges, Pacha has successfully established in many different countries all over the world: Brazil, United States, Russia, Germany, England, Egypt, Portugal, Austria and in the most important Spanish cities like Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, and soon in many other interesting places in the planet.

But Pacha is not only about nightclubs. The brand opened a few years ago El Hotel Pacha in Ibiza, a complete success because it brought a new concept to the island’s hotel industry. El Hotel offers modern luxury in a relaxed Mediterranean way all year round, with a bar in the lobby that has turned to be one of the favorites and most sophisticated meeting points on the island, where artistic exhibitions, special events, pre-parties and fashion shows take place.

In the meantime, Pacha has been expanding its fields and has created the successful Pacha Collection and Accessories, producing all kinds of garments that express Ibiza’s free lifestyle and pure spirit, and that have turned to be some of the most desirable items on the island, also available worldwide thru their online shop.

Pacha Recordings, this music label has been running for years and has already managed to work with some of the best DJs and producers in the electronic music scene; a bilingual magazine about what’s going on in the Ibiza: Pacha Magazine; a party Schooner Pacha 67 that sails around the island; and the latest creation the exclusive club, restaurant and cabaret Lío

So the “two cherries” are not just a sweet logo, they represent a hip styled, free spirited Mediterranean lifestyle as well as being constant reminders of their inimitable, glamorous and hedonistic nights.

Country: Spain
City: Ibiza

W Korea launched in 2005 and has become well regarded for publishing innovative and artistic visuals along with cutting-edge feature articles. W Korea has also launched a number of successful mobile and tablet applications and is popular on social media, demonstrated by the large number of Twitter followers. W magazine is a monthly publication.

Country: South Korea
City: Seoul

Surface Asia aims to be the definitive magazine for all categories of design across Asia-Pacific, bringing you the latest news and insights on the design industries of the region six times a year.

We cast the spotlight on the designers leading the trends and reshaping the creative landscape, and establish a forum in which regional designers can exchange ideas, gain inspiration and collaborate on projects.

Country: Singapore
City: Singapore
Country: Argentina
City: Buenos Aires