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City: New York
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City: Frankfurt

The first professional fashion magazine in Russia devoted to the fashion sector, Atelier Rundshau appeals to anyone involved in the fashion industry from design studios to fashion designers.

This magazine is published under license from Rundschau Verlag Otto G. Koeniger GmbH&Co.

Country: Russia
City: Moscow

India's premier luxury and lifestyle monthly.

Country: India
City: Mumbai

Przyjaciólka, launched in 1948, is the most popular women's weekly on the Polish market. It features fashion stories and provides beauty, health and psychology advice, investigative reports and interviews with stars.

Country: Poland
City: Warsaw
Country: Austria
City: Vienna

NW gives its readers exactly what they want – the best picture exclusives and breaking news and gossip on all their favourite Hollywood stars. NW also provides a shopping guide for readers by featuring up-to-the-minute fashion and beauty trends as they hit. In addition to news, gossip and style, NW features all things hot in entertainment – from the latest movie reviews to the coolest new music and TV shows. NW – glamour, gossip and more.

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Country: India
City: Mumbai

XOXO The Mag is a free of charge, art-driven magazine, published 10 times a year.

XOXO The Mag has a blended spirit of high fashion, new music, exceptional lifestyle and latest art & design.

Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul