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Look fabulous with Style’s easy how-to guides. Chart the latest trends with ease with Style’s in-depth fashion and beauty reports.

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Country: Angola
City: Luanda

P magazine is an aesthetic object-book designed as a collector's edition. Edited an curated by magnificent photographers Cecy Young & Mariana Garcia ( and supermodernist Design Studio Face, creators of page the magazine (

A hardcover limited edition book published annually with 192 pages of exclusive photography and content created by the finest contributors across the globe regarding arts, journalism, photography, fashion and everything that is beautuful.

Country: Mexico
City: Monterrey
Country: Slovakia
City: Bratislava

Women's Health reaches a new generation of women who don't like the way most women's magazines make them feel.

Women's Health is for the woman who wants to reach a healthy, attractive weight but doesn't equate that with having thighs the size of toothpicks. They know that exercising and eating well will make you happier and stronger (even if after-work runs can really suck). That looking and feeling good have very little to do with cosmetics and high heels (though they can help you feel glamorous on a Saturday night). And that life can be stressful since there's never enough time, but balance is achievable (with a little help).

Most of all, WH focuses on what you can do, right now, to improve your life.

Country: Russia
City: Moscow

ROLLACOASTER is a luxury triennial, which offers a colourful, industry-leading perspective on all things fashion, beauty, music, film, TV and youth culture. Retailed in WH Smith and newsstands across the UK - as well as in select stores internationally - ROLLACOASTER is also handed out in boutiques across London during Fashion Week and London Collections: Men.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

VIBE Vixen was a magazine geared towards female readers of Vibe Magazine that covered fashion, beauty, dating, entertainment, and societal issues for "urban minded females". The magazine was initially released in fall of 2004 and sales were considered successful enough for the magazine to be issued on a quarterly basis.

Stars who graced VIBE Vixen's covers included Ciara, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kimora Lee Simmons and Kelis.

Country: United States
City: New York
Country: Russia
City: Moscow

Grazia, bringing you the hottest fashion and celebrity, breaking news and real life stories, gorgeous beauty and fabulous not last month but week after week!

Country: Australia
City: Sydney
Country: Brazil
City: Sao Paolo

Popteen is a monthly teenage fashion magazine published by the Kadokawa Haruki Corporation in Japan. The first issue was published October 1, 1980, by Kadokawa Shoten, but later issues were produced by Asuka Shinsha who bought the magazine for 200 million yen. In 1994, the magazine was bought by the Kadokawa Haruki Corporation for 600 million yen, and has since become its flagship publication.

Popteen is one of Asia's top fashion magazines. The magazine is published in Japan and Taiwan, and has recently launched a web presence in the United States.

Japanese magazine's 'cover queen' is Ayumi Hamasaki, who has been featured on the cover 21 times since 2000. Other artists that appeared on the cover include Kumi Koda, Namie Amuro, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Fergie and Gwen Stefani.

The magazine is famous for having a 'user-model business-model' where its readers become models in the magazine. It is notable for its coverage of Gyaru fashions. One of the most popular popteen models was Tsubasa Masuwaka who in December 2007 married Umesan Naoki, a male fashion model. She announced on her blog that she had graduated from Popteen and that the February 2008 issue would be her last.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo

SHEER MAGAZINE is a newly funded venture looking to showcase unknown aspiring artists.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

TMRW Fashion & Art Journal is a new high-end magazine featuring unique
 stories from Danish and international artists. TMRW will give artists 
creative freedom to present their strongest and most visionary work.

 will be inspiring, sensational, odd, innovative, fantastic,
 obscure all wrapped in a beautiful but yet down to earth frame.
 TMRW will showcase stories from fashion, design, lifestyle and 
interior. It is based on the work and expertise from high-end and 
carefully selected photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, 
interior designers, illustrators and art directors and will feature the most
 bold and amazing work from both the experienced as the new and 
talented artists.

TMRW is published in 6000 copies and distributed via direct mailing to fashion and advertising companies in Europe and US, showrooms and offices within fashion and lifestyle. TMRW is also sold in selected stores in Denmark.

Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen