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Vogue Girl, launched in 2011, sold out immediately and the app was downloaded more than 550,000 times. It became the leading new-generation media brand for fashion conscious women with its multiple platforms spanning the magazine, website, blogs, SMS and apps. Vogue Girl magazine is published biannually.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo

L’Officiel Lithuania is the new name of the magazine Express Mada. The most influent fashion magazine in Lithuania now benefits from our “savoir faire” in presenting all the major international trends.

Country: Lithuania
City: Vilnius
Country: Ukraine
City: Kiew

Launched in 1994, the Singapore edition of CLEO is the leading magazine for the twenty-something Asian woman. Readers don´t just flick through CLEO - they devour it! Aimed at spirited and spontaneous young women with discretionary spending power, CLEO is the "road map" for young people confronting the first major decisions of their lives.

The must-read magazine for young, fun-loving, spirited Singaporean women who are always looking for ideas, ready to discover and wanting to learn.

Country: Singapore
City: Singapore

The Latin woman's beauty fashion leader, Vanidades covers all the bases - from profiles of the top names in Latin culture to lifestyle tips to the latest beauty and fashion looks and trends. Plus, a look at today's hottest crossover Latina entertainers, from television personalities to top movie stars to the chart-topping recording artists.

Country: Chile
City: Santiago de Chile
Country: United States
City: New York

One of the most popular women weekly magazines, Pani Domu is focused on women who look for advices regarding beauty, fashion, house keeping, law and finances. The reader of Pani Domu is a modern woman, who cares about herself and her family and wants to evolve in her job.

Country: Poland
City: Warsa
Country: United Kingdom
City: London

Fused Magazine is an art, design, music and fashion magazine based in Birmingham, England and distributed throughout the United Kingdom.

It is published bi-monthly and distributed through both free and paid-for channels. Although based in the Midlands its editorial coverage is national and international.

The magazine was founded by editors Kerry Thomas and David O'Coy in 2000 and is based at offices in the Custard Factory in Digbeth.

Country: United Kingdom
City: Birmingham

Men who have an above-average interest in beauty care and image no longer constitute a minority. James offers them the lifestyle magazine they have been waiting for. Twice a year the most important up-to-date information in the field of fashion, cosmetics, gadgets and accessories is stylishly presented in a glossy magazine. Reports from the international catwalks, tips, extensive shopping pages and eye catching photo series, more than any other magazine James puts you directly in touch with the latest fashion and the fashion conscious man.

Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam

Prim articulates a vision of fashion through the prism of art. Each of its lavish full-page photographic excursions into the many-layered world of fashion conjures up unique expressions of stylistic sensibility. The fabulous photography coaxes up moods varying from the nonchalant and introspective, to the edgy and disaffected, to the extravagant and risqué. The aspiration of the photographer is seemingly lifted from mere craft to the rarified realm of art. Demonstrating sensitivity, finesse, and artistic flair, the photography itself can command the distinction of being artful and worthy of visual interest rivaling the subject of its very own lens. Each issue of Prim spotlights innovative and daring designers, photographers, and artists who are pushing the envelope of contemporary fashion into the mysterious unknown. Prim has that aura of mystique that devotees of fashion covet.

Country: United States
City: New York

Woman's Weekly, published by IPC Media and edited by Diane Kenwood, is the number-one-selling brand within the mature woman’s weekly magazine sector*. On sale every Wednesday, Woman’s Weekly sells over 360,000 copies per week.

Launched in 1911, Woman’s Weekly has been a successful magazine title for over 100 years. Woman's Weekly focuses on the home, family and lives of grown-up women, providing them with health advice and hints on how to feel good at any age. Featuring beauty and fashion advice which is age-relevant, it aims to give women the confidence to experiment by adapting the latest trends to suit them.

Woman's Weekly aims to inspire readers to be creative with cookery, home, gardening and craft ideas. Each week also features a fiction story and generally upbeat real-life stories. Woman’s Weekly says it is “the grown-up woman’s guide to modern living”.

On 4 November 2011 the magazine celebrated its 100th anniversary with a special exact facsimile re-publication of the very first edition. Discussing the longevity of the magazine, on the BBC Radio 4's Today programme, editor Diane Kenwood and social historian Dr Clare Rose explained that the magazine had been launched in 1911 to appeal to the growing class of office-employed women who sought a magazine for reading on their daily commute by train, tram and bus.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

Southern Bride magazine is a 20+ year branded name celebrating being “the most recognized and trusted wedding publication in the South,” currently with two publications that are available to brides in the Midsouth (Memphis, TN and surrounding feeder markets) and Alabama, with more local editions planned for the future.

Country: United States
City: Memphis

AneCan is a Japanese fashion magazine published by Shogakukan which features onee-kei fashions. Its name derives from Ane meaning "older sister" and Can from its sister magazine CanCam. The magazine is targeted at woman in their mid to late twenties who have "graduated" from reading CanCam.

For the magazines launch the department store Isetan and several clothing companies collaborated with AneCan to create completely new brands. On March 14, Senken Shimbun reported that the "AneCan Style" brands sold 30,000,000 JPY (~$250,000 USD) in just four days.

Country: Japan
City: Japan

CosmoGirl was an American magazine based in New York City, published from 1999 until 2008. The teenage spin-off of Cosmopolitan magazine, it targeted teenage girls and features fashion and celebrities. It was published ten times a year and reached approximately eight million readers before folding. The last issue was December 2008. Subscribers instead received issues of fellow Hearst publication, Seventeen.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London