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Country: Czech Republic
City: Prague
Country: United States
City: New York
Country: United States
City: New York

Shop Til You Drop is the modern girl’s fashion and beauty bible. It aims to make shopping easier and more accessible for time-challenged women. With a focus on shopping smart, it covers the entire market of fashion, beauty and homewares, providing the reader with the ultimate edit of what she needs this minute – mixing high-end fashion with chain-store must-haves; luxury beauty buys with pharmacy products. Shop Til You Drop is a magazine based entirely on the rush of shopping. It makes fashion easy – cleverly translating trends so they work in real life – and the unique captioning system lets the reader shop directly from the page: before you even set foot in a store you know where to get what you want, if it comes in your size and whether you can buy it online. SHOP is a complete experience – the fun, indulgent escape women have been looking for.

Country: Australia
City: Sydney
Country: Russia
City: Kaliningrad

Another Magazine is a bi-annual culture-rich luxury fashion magazine for women. It was launched in 2001 under the umbrella publishing company Dazed Group. From the United Kingdom, Another Magazine oozes style, amazing fashion, great advertising, and outstanding photography. Another Magazine is enjoyed by men and women.

Country: South Korea
City: Seoul

Interview is a magazine founded by artist Andy Warhol and Gerard Malanga in 1969. Dedicated to the cult of celebrity which fascinated Warhol, it featured cutting-edge graphics and interviews of celebrities. These interviews were usually unedited or edited in the eccentric fashion of Warhol's books and The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again. The first head of advertising for the magazine was Susan Blond.

Complimentary copies of Interview were often given to the "in-crowd" to lure them into contributing to the magazine, and given as freebies to attract potential new advertisers.

Toward the end of his life, as Warhol withdrew from everyday oversight of his magazine, it became more focused on presenting the point of view of the fashion elite (under editor Bob Colacello), and a more conventional editorial style was introduced. However, Warhol continued to act as ambassador for the magazine, distributing issues in the street to passersby and creating ad hoc book-signing events on the streets of Manhattan.

The magazine (dubbed "The Crystal Ball Of Pop", according to its website) continues in a similar form to this day - 30% features/70% glossy advertising - published, since shortly after Warhol's death in 1987, by Brant Publications Inc. In 2009 actress Kristen Stewart posed for the cover of the magazine's 40th anniversary issue.

Country: Germany
City: Berlin

BLANK is the reflection of an increasingly globalized and borderless Panama and the world around it. It puts together only the best of what comes out locally and internationally; the latest news in fashion, design, music and architecture, as well as profound articles and interviews with personalities. Anyone who holds a BLANK knows they have an innovative magazine in their hands.

Their trendsetting abilities won them a spot in Distill Magazine’s directory of the best and most inspiring magazines worldwide. In addition, they were the only Panamanian publication to participate in Colophon, an international biennale of magazines celebrated in Luxemburg, as well as in We Love Magazine Library, an exhibition of international magazines celebrated in Tokyo, both in 2009. In 2010, they reached yet another hallmark of success: BLANK is now for sale at BJ Magazines in New York, NY, making them –without a doubt– the Panamanian magazine with the most worldwide exposure and farthest reach.

Country: Panama
City: Panama City

Vogue Italia is the Italian edition of Vogue magazine. It is the least commercial of all editions of Vogue magazine and has been called the top fashion magazine in the world.

Its imagery is frequently shocking and provocative; according to the art director of British Vogue, its photographs "go beyond straight fashion to be about art and ideas".

Vogue Italia was established in 1964. Vogue Italia and the Italian fashion industry have historically had a symbiotic relationship, with Vogue Italia contributing to Milan's domination of the fashion world.

Recent influential editorials have included Steven Meisel's September 2006 "State of Emergency", a visual play on the War on Terror, and Meisel's July 2007 "Rehab", addressing recent celebrity visits to rehab clinics.

Italian Vogue is published monthly in Italy by Edizioni Conde Nast S.p.A. Franca Sozzani is and has been the editor since 1988. Italian Vogue often features up and coming models on their covers and has a mostly healthy attitude about aging, featuring models and celebrities of all ages. Italian Vogue has a consistency in mood gradation that I've not seen matched anywhere else...going from melancholy periods to joyously youthful features to overtly sexy.

Country: Italy
City: Milan
Country: Latvia
City: Rīga

Vogue Brasil has been published since 1973 and is currently printed by Carta Editorial Ltd under license from Conde Nast. The Director is Patricia Cara and Sérgio Ribas is the chief editor. Distribution numbers are at 50,000. Minimal reprints from the international body of Vogue do occur.

Country: Brazil
City: São Paulo

Arena was a British monthly men's magazine. The defunct magazine was created in 1986 by Nick Logan, who had started The Face in 1980, to focus on trends in fashion and entertainment. British graphic designer Neville Brody, who had designed The Face, designed Arena's launch appearance. On March 3, 2009 Bauer Consumer Media announced that Arena would be suspended from publication. The last edition was sold on March 12 2009.

The magazine featured articles on food, movies, fitness, sex, music, toys, and books. It was pitched at a similarly upscale audience to GQ, attempting to offer a more adult read than lad mags like Maxim and FHM, and gearing itself specifically towards the "black collar worker".

Arena launched the careers of several prominent British media professionals, among them Dylan Jones, the editor of GQ UK who had served as Arena's editor in the late 1980s.

In July 2006, facing competition from the internet, the editorial team behind Arena launched a team blog which features regular posts from its contributors.

In spite of this, magazine circulation continued to fall and in 2007, Giles Hattersley, chief interviewer at The Sunday Times was brought in as Editor. Hattersley oversaw a revamp of the publication and in November 2007, the magazine relaunched with a new design and new palate of content, featuring David Beckham on its cover.

Hattersley returned to The Sunday Times in March 2008 and was replaced in the interim by deputy editor Mat Smith. Smith left in August 2008 to take over as features director at Esquire UK.

As of April 2009, international editions of Arena outside the UK continue to be published. These editions include Ukraine, Turkey, Korea and Thailand. Arena Singapore, the first English language edition outside the UK, was launched on October 27, 2006 by the publishing division of Mediacorp. Mediacorp had announced on 30 April 2009 that it was closing the Singapore edition of ARENA.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London