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Cool and glamourus magazine from Monaco is visual treat into the world of rich and famous, ultimate fashion, latest style, accessories, exotic places, fast cars and more. Full of hundreds of stunning photographs by world famous photographers.

Country: Monaco

Top Fashion Bottom: unique hard cover magazine published in Hong Kong.

Country: China
City: Hong Kong
Country: United Kingdom
City: London

The number 1 children's fashion and lifestyle magazine in America.

Country: United States
City: New York
Country: United States
City: New York

WeTheUrban, an online publication dedicated to fashion, art, music, and culture (and Tumblr's current most followed blog of the like) is set to release their fourth issue: The Creative Expression Issue. Creativity is the sense that brings out the best and worst of us, but the impact of that creativity is what makes this world worth living in.

Country: United States
City: New York

New Zealand Woman's Weekly brings a wide variety of news, stories, recipes and helpful hints to the home every week.

Country: New Zealand
City: Auckland

TMRW Fashion & Art Journal is a new high-end magazine featuring unique
 stories from Danish and international artists. TMRW will give artists 
creative freedom to present their strongest and most visionary work.

 will be inspiring, sensational, odd, innovative, fantastic,
 obscure all wrapped in a beautiful but yet down to earth frame.
 TMRW will showcase stories from fashion, design, lifestyle and 
interior. It is based on the work and expertise from high-end and 
carefully selected photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, 
interior designers, illustrators and art directors and will feature the most
 bold and amazing work from both the experienced as the new and 
talented artists.

TMRW is published in 6000 copies and distributed via direct mailing to fashion and advertising companies in Europe and US, showrooms and offices within fashion and lifestyle. TMRW is also sold in selected stores in Denmark.

Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen provides a social network allowing young women to experience and share life online. Share your feelings and stories through blogs, forums, rooms and chat. Get advice from articles and experts in beauty tips, latest fashion trends, health and fitness, career options, prom, study tips and lifestyle choices. Find out what is happening in the world of entertainment or browse the book club.

Country: Canada
City: Toronto

Vogue Espana, also known as Spanish Vogue, is published twelve times a year. Using a wonderfully eclectic eye, Vogue Espana features mostly models for covers rather than celebrities. Vogue Espana has a healthy emphasis on fashion from the world without forgetting it's own Spanish heritage of beautiful and lively colour and movement. Although the latin version of Vogue en Espanol is often confused with Vogue Espana and even called Spanish Vogue, they should not be confused because of the difference in content. Vogue en Espanol is mostly recycled from other editions of Vogue, while Vogue Espana always uses original content and covers. Vogue Espana often features spanish photographers Juan Gatti and Nacho Pinedo and Mexican Enrique Badulescu as well as European photographers Jacques Olivar and Thomas Schenk. Vogue Espana has been published since at least 1988.

Country: Spain
City: Madrid

Zink is a luxury fashion and lifestyle publication. As a platform for emerging and reinvented artists we connect with our readers by engaging them and triggering introspection in the worlds of fashion, beauty, design, travel and entertainment.

Country: Canada
City: Montreal
Country: Portugal
City: Lisboa
Country: Germany
City: Berlin