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Country: Portugal
City: Lisboa
Country: Mexico
City: Mexico City

Fancy is a multimedia platform (website, magazine, event and a series of products to use in school) and plays an important role with it's nearly 100,000 visitors. Fancy is still the biggest authority for girls aged 13-18.

Alongside the popular forum and the prizes that can be won provides quizzes, games, glamour, beauty, love, fashion, shopping, mobile and creative possibilities.

Fancy- girls are between 12 and 18 normally live at home and attend senior school. Readers are in the phase of changing emotions and a changing and developing body and are therefore interested in everything concerned with body and soul.

Country: Netherlands
City: Hoofddorp

Vogue China is the Chinese edition of Vogue magazine. The magazine carries a mixture of foreign and local content.

Vogue China became the sixteenth edition of Vogue when its first issue was released for September 2005; its debut had been in the works for over two years. The magazine's first cover featured Australian model Gemma Ward alongside Chinese models Du Juan, Wang Wenqin, Tong Chenjie, Liu Dan, and Ni Mingxi. The magazine's first printing of 300,000 copies sold out, requiring a second printing.

Angelica Cheung is the magazine's editorial director. The magazine is published by Condé Nast in partnership with the state-owned China Pictorial Publishing House

Country: China
City: Beijing
Country: France
City: Paris
Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul
Country: France
City: Paris

As well as the most beautiful women and latest gadgets offers unique interviews with the Playmates and previews and reviews of the most popular films, music and games. The website also has an exclusive closed section: the Playboy Cyber club, with archives full of photo and video material of national and international celebrities, Playmates and Cyber girls.

Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam

Vogue Espana, also known as Spanish Vogue, is published twelve times a year. Using a wonderfully eclectic eye, Vogue Espana features mostly models for covers rather than celebrities. Vogue Espana has a healthy emphasis on fashion from the world without forgetting it's own Spanish heritage of beautiful and lively colour and movement. Although the latin version of Vogue en Espanol is often confused with Vogue Espana and even called Spanish Vogue, they should not be confused because of the difference in content. Vogue en Espanol is mostly recycled from other editions of Vogue, while Vogue Espana always uses original content and covers. Vogue Espana often features spanish photographers Juan Gatti and Nacho Pinedo and Mexican Enrique Badulescu as well as European photographers Jacques Olivar and Thomas Schenk. Vogue Espana has been published since at least 1988.

Country: Spain
City: Madrid

Launched in 2001 FHM Germany took the monthly German men's magazine market by storm with its unique combination of sexy, funny and useful stories. Published in around 30 editions worldwide FHM is the biggest European men's magazine brand.

Country: Germany
City: Berlin

FN is the media of record for senior footwear and fashion executives, providing an insider’s perspective on the top news, trends and business strategies they need to run their business.

Country: United States
City: New York
Country: Israel
City: Tel Aviv
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles

On the esta website you can read all about what’s in print in the current esta and also what’s to follow in the coming week. The site offers a 'mail & win' competition and a forum where you can discuss things with other esta readers. You can find recipes and recommendations from TV chef Ramon Beuk and tips on trips. Alongside this you can order all the books, CDs and DVDs that have been mentioned in esta.

The visitor is a nice person, she’s an intelligent and strong woman, she’s a mother, partner, daughter, colleague and friend. Aged 35+ she has a varied interest and is very much involved in social issues, she has a good job and is always looking to develop herself.

Country: Netherlands
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