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Vs. is a large format fashion and culture magazine with a stand out visual identity and an uncompromising aesthetic standard. Since the first issue of Vs. appeared in 2006, it has been known to set new standards withing the field of fashion photography and magazine design; combining high-end with avant-garde in a true vs. (versus) spirit.

Vs Magazine is published in 32 countries in 5 different language editions (English, French, Italian, Scandinavian and Chinese). It features high-profile names and fashion icons while never loosing touch with undercurrent fashion vibes and the vanguard cultural scene. Vs. Magazine caters to the discriminating palate of the fashion front-runners while keeping their entourage from novices to style icons in the loop.

Country: United States
City: New York

Playboy offers everything that fascinates men. The most attractive female beauty, lifestyle, in-depth interviews and the latest must-have gadgets. But also travel, films, music, literature and culinary. Playboy has it all. This wide range of subjects is the great strength of the self-willed quality monthly with the internationally famous brand name. Moreover, it regularly offers an exclusive report of a beautiful, naked Dutch female celebrity, stylishly photographed by a top photographer. In a word, Playboy is a bull’s eye for a broad group of men aged 18-45 who enjoy the pleasures of life.

Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam

Marie Claire is a monthly women's magazine conceived in France but also distributed in other countries with editions specific to them and in their languages. While each country shares its own special voice with its audience, the United States edition focuses on women around the world and several worldwide issues. The magazine also provides the reader with health, beauty, and fashion information in each issue. Readers can subscribe to it through the mail and online. The reality series, Running In Heels, follows three interns working in the NYC office of the magazine.

The theme for Marie Claire is “More than a Pretty Face”. The magazine gives readers information about different women around the world and their needs, struggles, and stories of life.

The goal of the magazine is to provide readers with a substantial amount of information about new looks in the fashion industry as well as current issues that women of the world are facing. Moreover, it also adds relationship information, along with a section dedicated to answering specific questions from readers. It provides information pertaining to different items of clothing and accessories, as well as which would be a better deal. Each month recognizes a particular female celebrity by placing her on the cover of the magazine and featuring her in a main article, along with providing monthly horoscope.

Country: China
City: Beijing
Country: Italy
City: Modena
Country: Hungary
City: Budapest

Compared to other Japanese fashion magazines, LUIRE kind of stands out. The magazine follows Japanese club culture, both fashion and music (hip hop, R&B, etc.).

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Country: United Arab Emirates
City: Dubai

Bi-annual independent fashion magazine - where the creative talents in Fashion and Arts, from the West and the East, come together.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

ParisLeMag / AlMag (New 2014 Print Edition) is a new International luxury magazine. Innovative and High end, it shows a vision of fashion, Art, Culture etc. between France and the Arab world.

Trilingual magazine, French, English and Arabic, it reaches a global reach with a demanding audience,composed of amateurs and professionals of fashion, design, art ...

Country: France
City: Paris

The Voracity is a personal project by photographer Anna Williams exploring hunger, consuption and beauty.

Country: United States
City: New York

PULP is a fully visual fashion magazine that targets fashion insiders as well as creatives in graphic and photography industry. Their focus is on long editorial spreads that push boundaries of fashion, photography, art, design, creative talent/artists, contemporary culture, beauty, while showcasing fascinating models and their personalities.

PULP tells stories through images and pushes the status quo.

Country: United States
Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Country: Australia
City: Sydney
Country: Croatia
City: Zagreb