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City: transposes AnOther's passion for placing high fashion in a cultural context to the digital world. With columns by its leading writers, web-exclusive fashion editorials, our edit of the best blogs on the web each day and recommendations of luxury products by our online community, as well as the first previews of new content from every issue, is more than just another magazine website., AnOther Magazine and AnOther Man are part of the independent publishing group the Dazed Group, alongside Dazed & Confused and

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City: London

For some, photography is intuitive and meditative. Something that feeds a need to create, fills a nullity, breathes life into an idea – when catharsis meets creativity. For others, it’s just about capturing moments, telling stories, seizing beauty and contextualizing the opposite. Curated by Think CONTRA, is a site dedicated to photo editorials. It’s a collaborative and creative platform for inspiration, and a network that connects like-minded artists, exploring various outlets of invention. The muse could be a model, a friend, a landscape, a product, the foam of a wave. The equipment could be the latest in technology, or a film camera as disposable as the memory itself. Of the many possible combination’s, it matters not about the image, or the tools that captured it, but rather the connection between photographer and muse.

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PS stands for Pretty Style and aims to assists its readers in developing their own “individual casual fashion

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woman&home magazine is a real success story. As the fastest-growing lifestyle title for women, it epitomises a 'brand new attitude' for women over 35. It was the first magazine to echo this new spirit and each month presents a stylish mix of content reflecting the way women live and work today. The magazine covers all areas of a woman's life – but in a fresh modern way.

Country: United Kingdom
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Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine published in 16 countries + Latin America by Condé Nast Publications. Each month, Vogue publishes a magazine addressing topics of fashion, life and design.

Vogue is most famous as a presenter of images of high fashion and high society, but it also publishes writings on art, culture, politics, and ideas. It has also helped to enshrine the fashion model as celebrity.

Country: Mexico
City: Mexico City

Britain's No.1 glossy health and beauty magazine, Zest speaks to the woman who cares about the way she looks and the way she feels, providing motivating, realistic information she can apply to her life. Zest is a 'me' magazine giving the reader everything she wants and needs to know about health, beauty, fitness and nutrition in an upbeat, glossy, inspirational package. Zest is for women who share a genuine enthusiasm and interest in feeling fit and healthy and looking good.

Women who know the way you feel and look isn't about fads and vanity, it's as much a part of your lifestyle as brushing your teeth. Zest helps you make positive changes to your health, fitness and beauty habits with the latest ideas and information without preaching or making you feel guilty. Zest is motivating, positive, truly inspirational and friendly.

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The Room is a Budapest based, bi-annual and bilingual (English and Hungarian) fashion&art magazine, distributed across Europe. Originally its aim of foundation was to relaunch high quality fashion in Hungary, and to create a „room”, an artistic space of free spirit, where creation has no limits or restrictions.

The result is a cutting-edge bookzine, appearing every year in April and in October with a unique and surprising visuality. Among our contributors one can find Hungarian and foreign artists whose common language is free and forward creativity. Inhabitants of the Room believe in the unlimited circulation of values and the boundless nature of creation.

Country: Hungary
City: Budapest

Vogue Espana, also known as Spanish Vogue, is published twelve times a year. Using a wonderfully eclectic eye, Vogue Espana features mostly models for covers rather than celebrities. Vogue Espana has a healthy emphasis on fashion from the world without forgetting it's own Spanish heritage of beautiful and lively colour and movement. Although the latin version of Vogue en Espanol is often confused with Vogue Espana and even called Spanish Vogue, they should not be confused because of the difference in content. Vogue en Espanol is mostly recycled from other editions of Vogue, while Vogue Espana always uses original content and covers. Vogue Espana often features spanish photographers Juan Gatti and Nacho Pinedo and Mexican Enrique Badulescu as well as European photographers Jacques Olivar and Thomas Schenk. Vogue Espana has been published since at least 1988.

Country: Spain
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WWDBeauty BInc delivers authoritative coverage of the key issues impacting the global beauty marketplace, driving business decisions for retail executives, the media, financial experts and Hollywood trendsetters.

Beauty Inc was formerly known as Beauty Biz.

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