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Country: China
City: Beijing

'The Pop Manifesto' is a quarterly online magazine, based in both New York, USA and Sydney, Australia. It focuses on counter culture and innovative creatives within the fields of music, fashion and design. Founded by Ilirjana Alushaj and Karl Maier, the pair claim the reason for its inception was to showcase the interesting people and projects they saw around them. The first issue was released in December 2005 and has since built up a reputation for cutting edge design and quirky articles.

Country: United States
City: New York
Country: Luxembourg
City: Luxembourg

MOJEH Magazine is a high fashion publication currently published bi monthly and based in Dubai with a decadent showroom in the iconic Burj Khalifa. With 30,000 units distributed in the UAE, MOJEH magazine has premier placement in some of the world’s most elite establishments. MOJEH magazine is an international title with distribution throughout Europe and the US international business and first class lounges, private clubs, luxury spas and hotels.

Focusing on the very best in fashion, accessories, culture, lifestyle and travel MOJEH magazine brings internationally renowned contributors together for an education in excellence. The premier issue showcased a high fashion shoot in LA on the iconic Rodeo Drive. The second issue, due in stores in May, will have an elite team of editors flown in from Paris pertaining to the international sensibilities of the magazine.

Created as an elite bi monthly glossy coffee table magazine, MOJEH provides the very best in high fashion, beauty, culture, well being and travel. The missing piece in the puzzle of Middle Eastern publications, MOJEH Magazine celebrates Middle Eastern culture whilst simultaneously providing its readers with the absolute elite in the industry and beyond worldwide.

Country: United Arab Emirates
City: Dubai

Beauty Rebel is a 242-page hard-back beauty journal in print and digital formats. Published by Client & Co – a British independent specialist publisher, specialising in Fashion and Art magazines, books and downloads.

As the title suggests, Beauty Rebel is all about beauty – but not beauty as we have come to know it. They will be rebelling against the idea of the ‘beauty image’ and championing the essence of REAL beauty, as opposed to Photoshop beauty. Give them a great face, great hair and great makeup. Amongst the beauty and fashion, expect some glamour and trash – old school.

Unlike conventional beauty magazines, Beauty Rebel will benefit from a visual art-mag aesthetic, attractive to our fashion and design concious readers. Whilst they will feature everything from the latest lipstick to the most expensive heels, the magazine will also cover wearable collections in womenswear, from the high-street to top-end designers.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

Vandals is a new international alternative and independent photography and art printed magazine: developed in Paris, produced in New York and designed in Barcelona.

Country: France
City: Paris

Art Culture and Fashion Magazine

Country: United States
City: New York
Country: Germany
City: Bonn

Naag was founded by Fiona Byrne and fashion model Agyness Deyn. They talk about things they like and do and see and feel.

Country: United States
City: New York

Jane was an American magazine created to appeal to the women who grew up reading Sassy Magazine, both of which were founded by Jane Pratt. Its original target audience (pitched to advertisers) was aged 18–34, and was designed to appeal to women who are irreverent. Pratt originally intended the magazine to be named Betty, but she was voted down by everyone else involved in the making of the magazine. The magazine was launched in September 1997; the final issue was dated August 2007. The events surrounding the magazine's fold were chronicled through the experiences of two assistants on the SOAPnet series The Fashionista Diaries.

Sassy, created by Pratt in 1987, was intended to appeal to adolescent girls, but because of its sexual candor and coverage of topics other teen magazines didn't touch, such as the riot grrrl movement, its popularity exploded beyond its intended audience. When Sassy ended its New York editorial run in 1994, readers were left heartbroken and waiting for something to take its place. In September 1997, Jane Pratt's new magazine, Jane, published by the Disney-owned Fairchild Publications, hit the stands with Drew Barrymore as its maiden covergirl. (Fairchild Publications has since merged with Condé Nast Publications.)

The winner of America's Next Top Model from cycle 2 appeared in a fashion spread shot is Yoanna House respectively.

On 25 July 2005, Pratt announced that she was resigning from her position as editor in chief of Jane and would be leaving the company on 30 September 2005, exactly eight years after the magazine's debut. Insiders speculated that Pratt wanted a change in her life after she lost the twin daughters she had been carrying in April, and had been expecting in August.

In August 2005, Brandon Holley, editor in chief of Elle Girl, was named to take Pratt's place, and Christina Kelly, its managing editor, took over Elle Girl, which then folded after just 5 issues under Kelly, a veteran editor of both Sassy and Jane, as well as YM, and who was rumored to be the favorite to take over Jane because of her decades-long friendship with Jane Pratt.

An episode of the MTV animated show Daria entitled "The Lost Girls" would poke fun at Pratt's image and magazine. In the episode, an over-the-top name-dropping fashionista named Val, editor of Val magazine, visits Lawndale High after Daria wins an essay contest (Daria's English teacher had submitted the essay without her knowledge). Ultimately, Daria confronts Val about the unrealistic expectations that these fashion magazines force on young girls and about the mass-marketing of popular culture.

When Jane announced that it was ceasing publication, the magazine notified its readers that they will receive one of a number of sister magazines (Glamour, Allure or Lucky) for their remaining subscription durations. Glamour, Allure and Lucky were all Conde Nast publications that were suffering from lower circulation. Subscribers who did not wish to receive these publication in lieu of the cancelled magazine could call Conde Nast and request any of the other magazines that they published including the popular Vanity Fair.

Country: United States
City: New York
Country: Israel
City: Tel Aviv
Country: India
City: New Delhi

If you...exercise in order to feel and look beautiful, want to be thin and eat healthy without deprivations, need to experience quality in your relationships, Shape is your magazine! Love yourself, so you can love the others... Shape, your self comes first!

Country: Greece
City: Athens
Country: Austria
City: Vienna
Country: United States
City: New York