Vogue Brazil

Vogue Brasil has been published since 1973 and is currently printed by Carta Editorial Ltd under license from Conde Nast. The Director is Patricia Cara and Sérgio Ribas is the chief editor. Distribution numbers are at 50,000. Minimal reprints from the international body of Vogue do occur.



Country: United Kingdom
City: London

The first professional fashion magazine in Russia devoted to the fashion sector, Atelier Rundshau appeals to anyone involved in the fashion industry from design studios to fashion designers.

This magazine is published under license from Rundschau Verlag Otto G. Koeniger GmbH&Co.

Country: Russia
City: Moscow
Country: Spain
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
City: Madrid

With a fresh new look and more news content, practical business advice than ever before, Professional Beauty provides you with all the information you need to grow your business and make it a success.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

Kitten Magazine is a fashion magazine with a focus on all things new and emerging. Published four times per year each issue is based around a theme and features stunning models wearing the hottest new fashions from established and emerging designers. In addition to their photo pictorials they also showcase fashion strait from the runways of the worlds fashion capitals and interviews with people who are shaping the industry from art and design to music and movies. Kitten is a unique magazine read by both men and women alike. Their male readers enjoy the beautiful pictorials and stunning models along with thought provoking interviews. Their female readers enjoy the latest in fashion along with an insight of new trends to come. Kitten is a new kind of magazine, a bit fresher, a bit edgier and a bit sexier than what most fashion readers are used to. They love to push the limits and go where other magazines don’t dare to. They create content for print, video, internet and multimedia. They host parties around the world and celebrate with their readers. They are young, sexy and fresh. They are Kitten Magazine!

Country: United States
City: Los Angeles

More than 300 pages of fashion shows, providing information for industry members throughout the field.

A brand new magazine completely devoted to the world of beachwear, allowing the images to speak for themselves. This exciting new publication is intended to provide its readers, buyers and industry members from all over the world, the most complete and engaging overview of the sector possible. It will feature the designer collections, straight from the most important international fashion shows (Milan, Paris, London, New York, Barcelona and Madrid), as well as the top brands, focusing on the latest market needs.

Country: Italy
City: Modena

Collezioni Close Up Woman Suite & Dress : Short lengths are to act as a conducting thread throughout summer 2010, especially where day dresses are concerned. Mini, micro, in a sexy, Lolita key, the garment ¿par excellence¿ in every wardrobe. Even caftans adopt miniscule reductions, with some slinky knee length dresses for lovers of a more discreet look.Vibrant coloured short tunics and sheaths, embellished with precious 80¿s references, are counterbalanced by gentler floral fabrics and abstract prints with a more carefree allure. Attention is focused on shoulders, completed with stylish single shoulder braces or amazing side slits, the waist unfailingly defined by a belt. Both complete outfits and dresses are characterised by alternating volumes, outsize over tight. Last but not least, trouser suits with waist fitted jackets and baggy trousers. images: more than 600 pages: 128 format: cm. 24,5 x 33

Country: Italy
City: Modena

Women's Health reaches a new generation of women who don't like the way most women's magazines make them feel.

Women's Health is for the woman who wants to reach a healthy, attractive weight but doesn't equate that with having thighs the size of toothpicks. They know that exercising and eating well will make you happier and stronger (even if after-work runs can really suck). That looking and feeling good have very little to do with cosmetics and high heels (though they can help you feel glamorous on a Saturday night). And that life can be stressful since there's never enough time, but balance is achievable (with a little help).

Most of all, WH focuses on what you can do, right now, to improve your life.

Country: Poland
City: Warsaw

The 88 magazine is part of the 88 concept which will bring high-fashion directly to our readers, twice a year.

Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen
Country: United States
City: New York
Country: Australia
Country: Austria
City: Vienna