Vogue Mexico Belleza

Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine published in 16 countries + Latin America by Condé Nast Publications. Each month, Vogue publishes a magazine addressing topics of fashion, life and design.

Vogue is most famous as a presenter of images of high fashion and high society, but it also publishes writings on art, culture, politics, and ideas. It has also helped to enshrine the fashion model as celebrity.



Top Fashion Outerwear: unique hardcover magazine published in Hong Kong.

Country: China
City: Hong Kong

The only magazine focused on beauty in the world of upscale women's press.

It is truly a reference, an expert authority close to its readers.

Votre Beauté is the beauty reference for readers, true shoppers and experts.

Each month, Votre Beauté:

- unfolds the latest trends and all the newest items

- compares the opinions of experts and professionals

- opens up to beauty and makes it part of an approach to ‘‘being beautiful'', including nutrition, fashion and psychology.

Country: France
City: Issy-les-Moulineaux

VOGUE BAMBINI is the magazine of reference for the child fashion. Fully bilingual, Vogue Children offers a comprehensive overview to put in the foreground

Country: Italy
City: Milan

MODE et MODE covers the fashion collections of Paris, Milan, London, New York.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo

A fashion book in print that includes the creations of the famous fashion designers from the latest fashion shows in Paris.

Country: Greece
City: Athens

Vogue Deutsch is published in Germany by Conde Nast Verlag GmbH twelve times a year. The Editor-in-Chief is Christiane Arp and the Creative Director is Reto Brunnter. The paper quality and printing is typically European with a hard semi-gloss cover. The German Vogue eye is very like a mix between French, Italian, and American Vogue. For me, it is very hard to pinpoint with a definative description. Colour is very important to German Vogue, as evidenced by it's colour-drenched interior and it's subtle use of colour on most covers. All of the inside photo editorials are original, using such varied photographers as Christophe Kutner, Mario Testino, Karl Lagerfeld, Mark Abrahams, Arthur Elgort, Rankin, and Ruven Afanador. As of yet, they have not been bitten by the celebrity bug (but getting close), which as far as I'm concerned, is a sign of loss of creativity. Models are mostly multi-cultural. Vogue Deutsch began publishing with the August 1979 issue.

Country: Germany
City: Munich

Please ! is an international magazine on jewelry, fashion and culture for contemporary women.

Expert, stimulating, daring, and not taking itself too seriously, it offers contemporary women a sharp and qualitative editorial line that redefines the aesthetic codes of jewelry representation while unveiling fashion in an original and hedonistic way.

Created by the most astute writers and refined image makers, Please ! is a creative laboratory that celebrates beauty in all its manifestations and puts fun back into fashion and jewelry .

Country: France
City: Paris

The Profile Magazine identifies and promotes the importance of business networks and how success is often achieved with the vital collaboration that goes on behind the scenes. Each issue features interviews with figureheads from within the fashion and art industry around a key theme, starting in issue one with 'the body'.

The fashion and styling of the magazine has a strong 90's aesthetic aims to challenge and modernise our perceptions of beauty. The magazine's target audience are urbanised youth who are open minded, creative and interested in fashion and art.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

SÝN is a visual independent quarterly online magazine.

SÝN is staffed internationally, stemming our need to connect with photography and art from all over the world.

Country: United Kingdom
City: Edingburgh

Under the influence is not ruled by popular trends, instead they take inspiration from subversive subjects, they create and they influence. They awaken their readership to new ideas. They are the precursor to what will happen in the coming years. They are a vein communicating fashion and creativity, luxury and art through the commonality of human nature. It is a timeless object, a book, and a style reference, something tangible to keep and collect.

Country: France
City: Paris
Country: Malaysia
City: Petaling Jaya
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Country: Romania
City: Bucharest
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles