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ISSUE ONE is an inspirational luxury fashion, beauty and Image making magazine for both men and women. ISSUE ONE provides an unrivalled environment for the fashion industry's most creative and respected photographers, stylists and writers. It is a unique format giving 12 photographers an uninterrupted 14 page story each, with the space to fully express, evolve and indulge their ideas.

ISSUE ONE provides a voice for fashion journalism, with articles from the industry's most powerful and respected fashion editors and writers.

ISSUE ONE is a celebration of the most creative and original brands and designers. The magazine is published quarterly, in large format, with 352 pages of both men and women fashion and beauty, representing an internationally recognized title which appeals globally.

ISSUE ONE MAGAZINE has a world wide distribution of 60 000 with an estimated readership of 24 0000.

For advertisers, ISSUE ONE MAGAZINE offers a unique environment, unavailable in other comparable titles; pioneering work with a distinctive edge of originality giving credibility to any brand associated with it.

Through ISSUE ONE'S groundbreaking fashion editorial and its world-exclusive Interviews, focusing on issues important to contemporary culture, ISSUE ONE MAGAZINE brings a truly independent and authentic product to an over-commodified and homogeneous media landscape.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

Vrouwonline.nl is the most visited women’s site in The Netherlands. The average visitor is aged 35 and can find information on fashion, health, career, sex, relationships and food on the site. The site also offers entertainment, online dating, an online job centre and online shop.

Country: Netherlands
City: Hoofddorp

Fancy is the most popular girl in the class, a good friend who inspires, listens and is fun to be with. Every four weeks the reader gets an issue of the unique handbag-size Fancy. Fancy has a guiding function; it uses clear language, short sentences and straight talk. The readers have an above-average interest in beauty and fashion, but are also concerned about the serious things in life. Fancy has won several awards the past few years, among others one for the best brand extension. The Fancy diary is in the top three of best-sold diaries and the Fancy model competition is a great success. The website also attracts a lot of visitors.

Country: Netherlands
City: Hoofddorp

West fuses with East. East meets West. W.E. is a new breed of Style Culture/Design boutique magazine that brings the best of two worlds together. It appeals to readers who are influential and affluent, global in vision and yet individual in taste. W.E. aims to capture the innovative and the inspirational with special focus on the Asian metropolis, and present them through bold design and sophisticated concepts. Anything but a ghettoized ethnic magazine. W.E. initiates our readers in to a hybrid world of the future. As all things Asian increase in global influence across areas of lifestyle, design, fashion, entertainment, culture and philosophy, a premier cultural and lifestyle guide in timely due. W.E. features the modern, creative and diverse selection of talents in Asia that are visionary, provocative and sense enriching. The focus is Asia, but the approach is international. Bringing together both emerging and iconoclastic creators and contributors from around the world, in fields of photography, graphic design, fashion entertainment and media. W.E. offers an unique editorial attitude and original design concept. Our aesthetics is versatile and witty, with no want of sophistication. W.E. advocates a new attitude towards life in 21th century. That is, to globalize the regional and individualize the universal.

Country: China
City: Hong Kong
Country: Australia
City: Sydney

NW gives its readers exactly what they want – the best picture exclusives and breaking news and gossip on all their favourite Hollywood stars. NW also provides a shopping guide for readers by featuring up-to-the-minute fashion and beauty trends as they hit. In addition to news, gossip and style, NW features all things hot in entertainment – from the latest movie reviews to the coolest new music and TV shows. NW – glamour, gossip and more.

Country: Australia
City: Sydney
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles

Top of the line award winning German publication, Squint is dot on all beautiful things life has to offer. Professional and wonderfully arranged photo essays on style, fashion, design, beauty, art are indeed visual treat. A must have for everyone connected to fashion and creativity, very motivating and encouraging

Country: Germany
City: Hamburg

The Ultimate Fashion Sewing Magazine. For over 80 years Vogue Patterns has been a style leader, a resource, and a source of inspiration for those who take their sewing seriously. Each issue includes inspiring projects, tips and techniques from renowned sewing authorities, and the newest high-fashion designs to make yourself.

Country: United States
City: New York

Vangardist is a digital fashion, style and travel online magazine.

The Magazine is published monthly, 10 times a year, since 2009.

Vangardist is ahead of its time, with innovative apps for iPad,

iPhone and iPod Touch.

Country: Austria
City: Vienna
Country: Spain
City: Madrid