Rochyne Delaney McNulty | Artist, Facilitator | Leeds | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Leeds
Industry: Performing Arts
Professional Title: Artist, Facilitator
Specialties: Live art, community workshops, conceptual development

- About -

Enthusiastic climber, average juggler, competent ukulele player, long time martial artist. Beginning to delve into the world of Clowning, directing and violin playing. Slowly amassing all the skills. (to a mediocre standard) A little manifesto - Exploring, learning and creating. My work is about sharing knowledge; expanding expectations; uncovering what has been there all along; providing a moment where nothing else is important; testing boundaries and learning what can be done with what happens to be there. Facilitate, question, collaborate. I have a great interest in risk, engaging with it and giving it a persona. It is by this method that my practice has spread into my daily life; engaging in situations where risk plays a part, in an attempt to learn and understand who that is; using this feeling in my pieces to try to share my own experience. Imagination, participation, movement.

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