Scarlett Turner | Teacher , Artistic Director | Leicester | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Leicester
Industry: Dance
Professional Title: Teacher , Artistic Director
Specialties: Release technique, Live art, physical theatre

- About -

I am a non-binary independent dance artist who works across disciplines of contemporarydance, improvisation, live art, physical theatre and spoken word .Based in Leicester and a featured breakthrough artist at Curve Theatre (Leicester) and Associate artist with New perceptive theatre company (Nottingham). I am also Artistic Director/ choreographer of my own queer performance company Fuelled Dance Theatre (associate company of Attenborough Arts Centre ). My choreography stems from personal experiences that are shaped and structured into interdisciplinary task based collaboration. I create choreographic ideas through written stories that can be molded into movement and spoken word working together harmoniously. The focal point explores the social politics of human identity though varied topics from the LGBTQ+ community. Expanding and challenging the “in-between”, identifying as a non-binary person that represented less within the arts community. Being able to validate anyone’s identity through the means of performance art work. Our targeting audience is the Queer and Queer allies (people who support LGBTQAI+ people) to engage our audiences that specifically question the common definitions of sex, gender and other topics of identity whether they class themselves as part of the queer community or not.