Shellie Schmals | Film Programming Manager | Atlanta | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Atlanta
Professional Title: Film Programming Manager

- About -

As Film Programming Manager at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival since 2014, Shellie plays an active role in selecting the nearly 600 films that are considered for each annual Festival – and for recruiting, training and managing the 200 volunteers who sit on the Film Evaluation Committee to evaluate them. She has 20 years of experience in the non-profit universe working in: public relations, development, leadership training, stage management, special events production; she has a Master’s in Business Administration and Masters in Higher Education Administration; proudly serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors of WIFTA (Women in Film and Television Atlanta), co-chairs the WIFTA Short Film Showcase, is active in GPP (Georgia Production Partnership), produces and hosts vintage-style variety and art shows throughout Atlanta with Roxie Roz Burlesque. Since 2014, Shellie Schmals works as the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival’s Film Programming Manager. With 20 years of non-profit experience in multiple roles, she’s earned an MBA & EDM; is the Women in Film and Television Atlanta (Secretary), co-chairs the Short Film Showcase; and produces/emcees Roxie Roz Burlesque.