Silvia Gallart | Graphic Designer, Web Publisher | Zürich | Art Jobs
Country: Switzerland
City: Zürich
Industry: Design
Professional Title: Graphic Designer, Web Publisher
Specialties: Digital Art, Collage, Typography

- About -

Silvia Gallart, graphic designer and visual artist. Her work focuses on pop culture, especially the music and trends from last decades (80s until now) & the social media and Internet. Her works are optimistic, playful, feminine and full of color! and they reflect her personal interests such as pop & rock music, new media communication and social media. Her work has been shown in Switzerland, Spain & USA. References: Kunstzeiger, Galerie Karouzou, Art Container Brache Guggach, Die Rote Fabrik, Sihlhalle, Plattenbörse Volkshaus Zurich, A.I.R. Gallery New York, Fumetto Festival Lucerna, Schaustellerei Dynamo Zurich, Kunstpause Zug, Festa de la Diversitat Barcelona, Sala Trinitaris Vilafranca del Penedès Barcelona … See less

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