Stefan Busch | Artist | Berlin | Art Jobs
Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Artist
Specialties: Illustration, Photography, Film Making

- About -

In my creative work i went through different disciplines, mediums and perspectives in the field of communication design, visual art and film. Having started as a musician in 2002 i took my first professional steps as a crossmedia videoproducer which i have always continued to practise. After 5 years of studies i graduated as a designer at the University of Applied Science in Potsdam focussing on experimental visual communication an visual arts in 2016. In my Bachelorthesis i wrote about different approaches to sound-visualisation and synaestetic perception of sound in moving images. Besides my work and education as a designer i was always strongly influenced by contemporary street and urban art. I continously work on artistic projects which is a major source for my inspiration, fascination and curiosity. My main focus and strongest artistic influence comes from tape art and Tape That Collective, which we have managed to grow into a major artist crew worldwide. I have organised art exhibitions, conducted workshops, designed whole buildings and spaces everywhere in Germany and internationally in Cambodia, Sweden, China, Vietnam, Kuwait, Japan, Russia, Belarus, Luxemburg, Israel, Palestine and Saudi Arabia. My inspiration as an artist i also bring into commissioned works for brands. I design site specific installations for fairs, concept rooms and offices. I create large murals complied to the clients brand identity and message. Our clients range from lifestyle and fashion brands like Adidas, Nike or Zalando to technology and communication brands like Google, IBM or SAP to car manufacturers like Volkswagen, Bentley, Daimler and Maserati. I believe that creativity and professionality both grow in diversity. Beeing open to new perspectives and allowing yourself to play is the key to generate interesting ideas and interesting ideas are the foundation of good communication.