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Matthew Catalano


The new work is playing with the idea of still-life, landscape and pattern. I have been mildly obsessed with the Rococo as of late and can see parallels between that age and our own. Social media is the new garden party or fête galante  heralding the Nurococo. I like the idea of playing with opulence as decoration and image replacing meaning.

A little about my process: The images are digital, I create everything with a tablet and a stylus. I use Artrage and Procreate with minor fine tuning in Photoshop. There is no copy and paste, no filters, no ghost in the machine. All aspects are hand drawn: pattern, gems (one triangle at a time) etc. Painterly aspects are created in Artrage, wet into wet for flowers, landscape elements and abstract expressionist flourishes. I use multiple layers and sometimes repeat layers but for the most part I want my hand to be visible


Ella Closa Cervera


Abstract Landscape focusing on movement and feelings:) 

Casey Mark Schultz


I am an artist working with ideas of visual perception, exploring the break, boundary, and otherwise coexistence between imagery and the abstract in art, the reality of conscious beings, and the universe at large. I'm also interested in self-created manifestations of personal montage. My studio practice making two and three dimensional works employs a lot of assemblage and collage, building the literal objects and the conceptual theories for each piece. There is much emphasis on recycling material and using found materials, playing promiscuous artist in relation to medium and the fluidity from one to another. In the end, the works aim to be rich in their visual detail and their complexity of ideas, while still appealing to a whimsical nature, and remaining attentive to both the macro and the micro.

Nour Ammar


How peaceful it is to create an accidental link between two separate pieces. 

Annette Back


I create abstract or figurative paintings that tell a story and connect with people’s emotions. My interpretations of nature, shapes and figures are often achieved by transferring photos and text on a first layer, then painting over that with layers upon layers of transparent or opaque colors, lines, geometric shapes, textures, patterns, and shades. I use many different techniques and interesting color combinations to achieve my vision. Inspirations and ideas come from everything around me. Sometimes nature or a transition in a video will spark an idea, sometimes and old photograph - the face of a child or raindrops. My work is a continuation of my personal growth, I am never afraid to explore and experiment. I have a bold, colorful approach that flows onto the canvas.


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