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Barbara Krupp


Barbara Krupp’s new series is titled “Interconnection.” The interconnectedness of people and events is one of history’s most fascinating topics and is becoming more evident daily. As information, trade, travel, and communication become stronger, faster and more ubiquitous, it has a growing impact worldwide. We are learning the hard way that such an impact is not always beneficial.

    As Henri Matisse and Joan Miro did, Barbara’s new work combines curvilinear forms with biomorphic shapes   - those shapes which evoke the living forms of plants and animals. A result is a unique form of beauty built on color and fluidity. Barbara, a former X-ray technician with a background in science and a love of gardening, combines her knowledge of the body with her love of nature to produce art that grows out of the interconnections of these two very distinct forms.


Vera Smiley


I sculpt clay using a sculpting knife and metal rib to find the perfect collaboration between three elements in order to present the complexity of life such as: Planes (our paradigms) Lines (our direction of movements) and Color (our reaction to the world). It all defines us in so many ways and shapes us both physically and emotionally.  

​    I manipulate clay to form a physical structure.  Through the process of adding volume, positive or subtracting clay, negative, creates the overall character and emotional life of the figure. Much in the same way that negative and positive interactions in life create the unique shape of who we are. It is within that unique and complex shape that we find beauty.

Valerie Wilcox


Valerie Wilcox currently lives and works in Los Angeles and has a BFA from Cal State Univ. Long Beach. Wilcox is a member of the artist run collective Durden and Ray,
a curatorial art group with a gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

Wilcox has been shown in many local and international exhibitions including the Torrance Art Museum, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, Irvine Fine Arts Center, Mount Saint Mary’s University, Palo Alto Art Center, QiPO Art Fair in Mexico City, Kölner Liste Art Fair in Cologne; Galleries in Wuppertal and Berlin, Germany; Brisbane, Australia and Stockholm, Sweden. 

Wilcox has been published in the NY Times T Style Magazine, The Huffington Post, Coolibri Magazine in Germany, Veranda Magazine, Saatchi Art, Art Nerd in San Francisco, DiversionsLA and Art and Cake.

This is a piece from Wilcox’s “Constructs," body of work. They present a reimagined, abstracted understanding of our constructed environment and how our brain works to piece together diverse elements. She uses humble and salvaged materials to create connections between our everyday lives and new ideas about how we construct our physical surroundings.

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