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Nick Metz


"I know we are not supposed to touch our face, but that seems that's all I can do these days"

Nick Metz is a 20 year old artist studying for his BFA in Painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Metz currently resides in Hillsdale, New Jersey and Savannah, GA. His work explores themes of portraiture and masculinity. He has been exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally. Recent exhibitions include Ridgewood NJ, Lacoste France, and Brooklyn New York.

Claudia Luethi alias Abdelghafar


My personal Corona Painting:

When I began this oil painting it was June 2019 and we didn’t know about Corona-Virus. One day when Corona was everywhere I realised that I was painting the castle of the earl Dracula who is the boss of the bats. And the bats are carrier of this virus. But there must be a reason that I painted it, so I put little green points in the painting and also the eyes of the earl are green. And hopefully because I finished the painting, the virus will soon disappear. Stay healthy and for all who are ill, I wish you get better soon!! This painting was finished 11.04.2020 and its size is 60 x 70 cm.

Charmaine de Heij


Is this reality? Or a George Orwell book?

Ewan Johnston


"Walking into 2020 Like" Oil, Acrylic , spray paint , hoody and rubbish on Canvas . 122 x 183 cm . 2020 by Ewan Johnston

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