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Stella Guan


I try to paint everything I feel, whether it be things that make me happy or sad. I have quickly learned that having Borderline Personality Disorder, there is no such thing as just happy, or just sad. It’s a cycle of extreme joy, and heart wrenching depression, all in maybe an hour. It’s not just missing someone or something, it’s being completely broken by having lost them or the memories. It’s not just being upset. It’s being so angry, that I start shaking. My work is a direct result of the emotions I cannot help but feel so strongly. It is debilitating, but painting makes it tolerable. The idea of being better seems so much more tangible, and controlling the fires in my chest seem so much more realistic. I paint about the things I miss, the future I want to have, the person I wish I was, the partner I hope I can be, the things that scare me, the things that hurt me, and the things that keep me up at night. 

Nour Ammar


How peaceful it is to create an accidental link between two separate pieces. 

Larisa Safaryan


Larisa Safaryan's unique sculptures on egg shells are her subtle but direct expression of the joy, energy and emotionality that she carries inside her. Safaryan has never attended an art class, but her fingers and creative imagination are everything she ever needed to create art which is like nothing that exists at this time.

Her sculptures are delicate but intense, elaborate yet simple, harmonious and elegant. The spirit of innovation and excitement is at the heart of all that Larisa Safaryan creates. The love, passion and thought that goes into each of her sculptures is truly inspirational.

Larisa Safaryan has used more than 1500 egg shells on this painting. Nothing was wasted during the creation of the artwork. The eggs were cooked and distributed to the less fortunate.

Valerie Wilcox


Valerie Wilcox currently lives and works in Los Angeles and has a BFA from Cal State Univ. Long Beach. Wilcox is a member of the artist run collective Durden and Ray,
a curatorial art group with a gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

Wilcox has been shown in many local and international exhibitions including the Torrance Art Museum, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, Irvine Fine Arts Center, Mount Saint Mary’s University, Palo Alto Art Center, QiPO Art Fair in Mexico City, Kölner Liste Art Fair in Cologne; Galleries in Wuppertal and Berlin, Germany; Brisbane, Australia and Stockholm, Sweden. 

Wilcox has been published in the NY Times T Style Magazine, The Huffington Post, Coolibri Magazine in Germany, Veranda Magazine, Saatchi Art, Art Nerd in San Francisco, DiversionsLA and Art and Cake.

This is a piece from Wilcox’s “Constructs," body of work. They present a reimagined, abstracted understanding of our constructed environment and how our brain works to piece together diverse elements. She uses humble and salvaged materials to create connections between our everyday lives and new ideas about how we construct our physical surroundings.

Brenda Stumpf


In this series of works tited 'Cavomyrt', Stumpf brings together childhood artifacts with various materials before encapsulating them in thick, translucent layers of sand, making everything appear crystalline and calcified.

These elaborate assemblages function as enchanted reliquaries to love, innocence, and intimacy. They also evoke deep personal, mythic, and archetypal associations while presenting the fragile endurance of the sacred and the spiritual.

The titles are combined fragments of phrases that the artist associated with each piece. For example, ‘Cavomyrt’ is derived from the phrase “cave of my heart.”

This piece titled 'Vessure' is created from the artist's childhood dress, removed antique wallpaper, vines, plastic branches, dried pods and pine cones, moss, shearling, animal skull and bones, piece of a wasp nest, copper fish, faux pearls, tulle, electrical wire, string, gel medium, acrylic, sand, and adhesive on wood panel.
 72” x 44” x 9”.

Mia Gibbs


This piece is based on the concept of showing contrast between the strong structure of architecture and the flimsy support of cardboard. Part of a series i have done discovering and playing with ways to engage the viewer in the art and artistic intentions by exposing there senses .



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