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Arnab Barua


I try to express my feelings about the day to day life through pencils. Philosophy is deeply connected in my art. Within this feelings, my work varies from illustrative to abstract beauty. I change myself moving along this bipolar states. I work on paper to linen. Recently I was exploring that my love of
painting and drawing come in dreams. Sometimes I get inspiration from sudden thoughts, from that I try to recollect the informations and make a "collective object drawing" which can be seen in some of drawings. Beauty of the art should be meaningful what I belief. As a painter and artist, I find inspiration in the beauty of surrealism, which helps me to show my thoughts to the world in a unique way. Even we don't need a language to express our thoughts, that's the beauty what I explicitly find in my drawings.

Leah Day


This image is titled 'per Capita.' It's an expression of how interlaced money and politics are in modern society. 

V Holecek


Dark times call for dark art.

Ernesto Asch

Share and white. Digital. Recurrent dreams / nightmares. Face the demons...

Michela Cau


Captivated by the transitory nature of our universe, what was once a desire has become a corrupted dialectic of power, leaving only a sense of dread and the small chance of a new beginning. As spatial phenomena becomes clarified through emergent and personal practice, the viewer is left with an insight into the limits of our world



An artist from Liverpool inspired by Surrealism, Pop Art, Lowbrow and Pop Surrealism. Also taking inspiration from 1960s Psychedelic art and Poster art. Every piece of work has a meaning behind it for the viewer to interpret. Psychoanalytic + Psychedelic + Surrealism = Psychosurrealism


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